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State of me

Life has been very stressful in the last few weeks.

Firstly, the insurance company wrote off my car because they couldn't get the parts to fix it. The hoops I've had to jump through to get it back on the road were ridiculous: new MOT, VIC test (vehicle identity check) filling out innumerable forms. It only had a minor dent! Still, almost over now... Accept it's not, the bloke who hit me hasn't admitted liability and the legal wrangling is ongoing. It doesn't look promising for my no claims bonus, despite none of this being my fault. What's really annoying is that he was driving a fleet car and probably had it whisked away for repair asap and got a replacement. As soon as they declared my car a total loss, off goes my courtesy car. Grr.


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Can I just say B**tard! A total B**STARD!

I suspect he was made to do it by his employers, doesn't help me though.

Stupid insurers - and the other driver's a git. Sorry you've been messed about so much.

I spent half an hour on the phone being passed around Churchill just to find out where I was supposed to send my MOT to and still didn't get an answer.

I suspect his employers had something to say about it so they've lied and said it was my fault. I wrote a very terse letter with maps, diagrams and photos, but without witnesses it's hard to prove.

Churchill - clearly too busy helping Rolf Harris be embarrassing.

It's nasty. Curse the cyclist for not stopping either.

I'd have been better off talking to the dog.

That's unjust and very annoying.

And it's given me nosebleeds!

They wanted to right off your car??? But... but..... !!!!!

What a bugger!!


And they've given me way less than it's worth, as usual. This is the third car I've had written off, but by far the most hassle.

Oh what a bugger. I remember my brother in law going through the same thing - the fact that the guy had a fleet car just adds insult to injury.

Well, that really, really stinks.

Grr... I'm extremely annoyed on your behalf!!

I suppose the cyclist has completely vanished into the aether?

Of course he has. He never spoke to me or found out if I was okay, and the other guy couldn't have got his details because he didn't have a pen or paper.

:killinates insurance people:

It's things like this that really make me suspect we are actually in hell. Or at least limbo. People would be more reasonable otherwise.


It's basic human nature, unfortunately.

So sorry to hear what's been going on; but thank goodness you're still here to report on all this!

There is that. It's swings and roundabouts though, another thing that's stressing me is holiday planning and worrying about leaving the cat.

I'm sorry you had stressful times. I'm not really surprised about the insurance company though.:(

Neither am I really. At least the worst of that is over.

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