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Accident Damage

Some pics of last week's accident damage:

Damage to both doors, rear quarter panel, exhaust, wing mirror:

A little close up:

The car is now away to be assessed and repaired. I have a little KA to run around in.

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Bad enough! That is quite a bash!

I did much worse to my old Polo!

Nasty dent. At least they gave you a Ka car to use while it's being mended...

Amazingly. I've never been given a courtesy car before.

You were definitely owed something along those lines. Not as if they gave you a Merc or anything...

Actually I rather like the little Ka.

Bad enough. A Ka might be fun, I guess.

It has a smooth ride, definitely. The MG is a bit jouncy.

If all goes well with the insurance, they are going to clean it. :)


My only experience of Kas is being driven around in one badly enough that it couldn't feel like anything other than a flimsy plastic box on wheels. Presumably that's less so for you!

You'd hope.

I quite like Kas, but the build quality on a lot them is abysmal.

Yikes. Definitely not your fault and I'm glad you're okay.

I'm glad you think so, the insurance company don't seem very convinced!

They keep asking me to describe the accident. I think three times is enough, don't you think?

I missed you getting in a car accident! I hope you are okay!!!

Poor little car, it's quite handsome, despite the current damage. Hope the repairs go smoothly. <3

Absolutely okay! But just about.

It's a nice enough car, but I'm not in love. It's my mum's baby really. She had to give it up as she's not well and it's sports suspension was shaking her up.

Ack. Poor car, but better the car than you!

Yeah, I don't fancy having a dent like that in me.

Yikes! Glad you came through okay.

Meep! I didn't realise you had an accident! Better the car than you, the car is replaceable. You, on the other hand, are really not. *smishes*

I wish the bloke who hit me had thought of that.

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