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Another lucky escape

An hour ago i very nearly became an ex-bogwitch.

Only my super-fast witchy reflexes avoided a head on collision with someone overtaking a cyclist on a fast B road. I swerved up the foot high verge doing about 50mph and he took off my wing mirror and ploughed into the back end of my car. The cyclist buggered off without leaving their details.

I suppose we're both lucky we're alive and unijured, but my car is feeling a bit sad and wounded. :(


(Deleted comment)
Thanks. I've had a worse accident before.

Ohshitohshitohshit. Stupid driver! It was obviously the worng place to overtake the cyclist.

Good thing there was an 'escape' verge or you would have been an ex-~Bogwitch. Are you OK? Apart from the shock, of course.

I'm actually not shocked. I'm surprisingly calm. Annoyed that I have to go through the hassle more than anything.

He was following some other cars past and then I was just there. I think we were both very lucky it happened were it did. The verge was high (it took off part of my exhaust), but wide and without a ditch.

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I'm glad you're safe. Poor car.

Thanks. Yikes was about my reaction too!

Eeek! Glad you're okay! Sorry about the car, though.

OMG!!! Glad you're all right although sorting out the insurance and car will be a pain. Was the car drivable afterwards??

How are you feeling?!??!

The car is not good, but driveable. That I know of, I have a missing wing mirror on the driver's side, a big dent in the rear panel, minor damage to both driver's side doors and my exhaust is hanging off.

I'm completely fine though.

WHOA! So glad you are alright! Sorry about your car though.


Bloody hell! Very glad you're OK.

And ack! about the car. I swear it's one of the most annoying things about the universe that the more momentous an occurence is (either in a good or a bad way) the more paperwork/organisation is inevitably involved. Which is always pissing annoying.

I appreciate we were all lucky to get out of this scrape uninjured, even the cyclist.

I've been down this insurance road so many times before too, alas. I might get a courtesy car though this time! That'd be a first.

Yikes! That sounds terrifying. Very glad to hear you're OK and sympathies about the car and attendant hassle. I've always thought cyclists were a bloody nuisance on the roads!

This is a fast, twisty road that people commonly drive 60-70mph down (although this accident was at a slower bit). Why a cyclist would even want to risk their life down it I have no idea. In fact, the local cycling club often runs times trials down some sections - it's madness.

Eeep! I'm glad you're ok!

So am I, thanks!

Ah, you have all this still to look forward to! (hopefully not)

Yikes! But good to know that you're ok but sad to hear about the car.

Thanks, it really could have been nasty.

Bloody Hell! Sends hugs to your car - and a drop of brandy to steady your nerves...

Thanks, I'm sure it'll appreciate it!

My nerves are like steel! I've had too many accidents...

What a scary close call! I'm glad you're okay.

Thanks. It was certainly close!

Bad Cyclist, no cookie.

But at least you're ok.

Well, the guy who hit me should have waited to overtake, to be fair.

Meep. That sounds horrible.

I'm glad you're in one piece, even if the car took one for you.


Oh my! I'm glad you're okay!