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Not feeling too good today, I have a massive headache.

Have finished my 11 days of intensive training and have started my new job. It's so easy I could do it asleep, and I think I might be very soon if I'm under stimulated.

I've been on a community joining spee, I really hope I haven't over done it. They cover a wide range of my batty interests, Robin Hood, Halloween, Fonts, Hello Kitty, etc. There's a very interesting looking Dark Victoriana community I'm quite hopeful about. It might give me some ideas...

Also trying out a new LJ client. I was happy with Semagic, but I couldn't find any multi-journal compatablity (if it has any).

I haven't forgotton about the DS9 title challenge, I've got about six on the go. Some are longer than others, but I'm having a hard time either finishing them or polishing them up to my satisfaction. Should have at least one for tonight though. Now I'll have to finish it!

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Dark Victoriana? That sounds interesting...I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

As for your poor headachey head - if coffee and asperin are no help, maybe sending good vibes your way will make the badness go away? Sending some, just in case.

Thanks. I think the monthly bout of badness is probably to blame.

Did you find the Dark Victoriana? If not (and for anyone else), it's here:

Thanks for the link to the community - it saves me looking for it on my own! Not that I couldn't do just that, but for some reason my boss just keeps hovering around me and looking over my shoulder -- I wish he'd just leave me be and let me get on with things (like lj)...

Don't they realise that work is boring?

Says you with the new job...Really, that doesn't bode well, does it?

You really don't know how simple it is!

Pick these in envelopes and count them, put the total in the spreadsheet, sort the post etc.

I went to university to do this?

Serves me right, I suppose, for wanting to escape my complicated previous job.

I went to university to do this?

A question I ask myself daily...Still, it's not as bad as all that: my fairly uncomplicated job leaves me with lots of time to indulge in my BtVS obsession - or it would if my boss would just getthehelloutof my office!!

Any chance of something a bit more interesting/challenging coming your way soon?

Well its only six months and then its back to the chaos of the old office. I'm free to apply for other jobs internally in the mean time, so I'll see what comes up.

I'm thinking though, it might be best to get the hell out. Unfortunately, I crap at looking for jobs and I still don't know what i want to do (and I'm probably too old now anyway). We'll see.

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<Unfortunately, I crap at looking for jobs and I still don't know what i want to do (and 'm probably too old now anyway)</i>

OMG - I thought that was just <i>me</i>!

We're going to move in 6 months time, to a place that is simply impossible to get to. It'll easily add another hour to my commute and I'm so not looking forward to it. So, everyone tells me to start looking for another job, preferably one in my area, but -- I don't know: a) I crap at looking for jobs, b) I don't know what the hell I should look for/what I want to do, c) I'm bone-idle and d) I'm probably too old now anyway. So yeah - we'll see! ;-)

I'm also definitely c)!

I can't interview to save my life, it goes against my nature to feed people a line of bullshit.

You sure we're not split down the middle somehow? 'Cause this is getting eerily reminiscent of the 'They're both Xander!'-scenario...

I don't have a Hawaian shirt, do you?

Nah - d'you think that's a prerequisite?

Thank God for that. For a minute there, I was actually quite worried -- with my luck, I'd end up as the dopey, uncool Xander in this equation.

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