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Not feeling too good today, I have a massive headache.

Have finished my 11 days of intensive training and have started my new job. It's so easy I could do it asleep, and I think I might be very soon if I'm under stimulated.

I've been on a community joining spee, I really hope I haven't over done it. They cover a wide range of my batty interests, Robin Hood, Halloween, Fonts, Hello Kitty, etc. There's a very interesting looking Dark Victoriana community I'm quite hopeful about. It might give me some ideas...

Also trying out a new LJ client. I was happy with Semagic, but I couldn't find any multi-journal compatablity (if it has any).

I haven't forgotton about the DS9 title challenge, I've got about six on the go. Some are longer than others, but I'm having a hard time either finishing them or polishing them up to my satisfaction. Should have at least one for tonight though. Now I'll have to finish it!

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