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(no subject)

Looks like I've got a snow day.

My car battery has died, the roads are ungritted and lethal and no one at work is answering the phone. Better to stay in bed, I think.


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Alas, for me it's still possible to walk for five minutes. Though I meant to go to Sainsbury's before I made my lunch today. Maybe I can convince my mate to eat out...

I'm fast running out of food, for me and the cat, so I hope it clears soon!

Alas, I got through to work and I am now officially watching 21 Jump Street working from home.

You need some emergency cans!

Such a chore... :P

Yes!!! I might even have to resort to black coffee too.

Good lord, no. That's below water.

I'd've said that about coffee.

CRT = Caffine Replacement Therapy.

Caffeine and sugar are necessary for life.

Bed sounds perfect on a day like that!

If the cat will let me stay there!

Sounds good to me. Give in to force majeure.

No point risking life and limb, I say.

Sounds like a good idea to me. We've got snow coming this week-end, but I think we've had our big blast.

Hopefully, your's ends soon.

I think it's got about another week. :O

I think is a fantastic solution. :)

Gets a bit sweaty after a awhile though.

Perhaps I should rephrased that.

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