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(no subject)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, it's appreciated!

It's been an alright day, but not exactly epic. I had the day off and had lunch with my mum, but other than that I cleaned the kitchen floor and cleaned out a litter tray. I had the birthday treat last week when I went to see My Bloody Valentine 3D. Never mind.

I have a Supernatural fic I wanted to post today, but I thought better of damning it before I start by posting it on Friday.

Ho hum.

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PS. Strike the 500g, I meant 300g - I just went through prices in my head and realised I would have been getting an extremely good deal so had to check the packet. I don't want to appear like the Jelly Bean Queen.

Also my grammar sucks in the comment after this. But that possibly doesn't need another extra reply...

I think I can let you off both your transgressions. :)

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