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(no subject)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, it's appreciated!

It's been an alright day, but not exactly epic. I had the day off and had lunch with my mum, but other than that I cleaned the kitchen floor and cleaned out a litter tray. I had the birthday treat last week when I went to see My Bloody Valentine 3D. Never mind.

I have a Supernatural fic I wanted to post today, but I thought better of damning it before I start by posting it on Friday.

Ho hum.

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Londres - if you end up on Oxford street Topshop and Selfridges have the pick'n'mix (plus some random Cyber Candy shop on the way to Covent Garden - v. cool shop BTW, with mostly American imports, which also sell Jolly Ranchers, which they used to sell in the local newsagents back in about '99), but Topshop's the least expensive. In Cambridge I've only found the pre-packaged mixes - Topshop again (which stocks the ones of just sours <3) but John Lewis has them as well. I find the 49 flavour ones too full of Root Beer and liquorice for my liking though.

Did you ever go to Hamilton's in the Harlequin? They had them before they shut down. I miss that shop - the sherbet lemons there were ace. :(

I know about Cybercandy, I get my Pocky fix from them (let me know if you ever see melon flavour Pocky anywhere, it's to die for but very rare), I was just too lazy o go into the smoke. I know John Lewis had them before xmas, but I'd forgotten, they're probably the best best.

I like the Root Beer and I don't mind the liquorice, sizzling cinnamon is bleugh though.

Hamilton's... Hamilton's... Was that the sweet shop near BHS?

let me know if you ever see melon flavour Pocky anywhere, it's to die for but very rare

Will do! Even though it looks (on Wikipedia) and sounds very weird.

Sizzling Cinnamon is nowhere near as bad as the dark-brown-duo...

Yeah, probably - it was up near the entrance to Charter Place, about where Krispy Kreme is now.

It sounds revolting, I agree, but I'll always try odd flavours (as long as they avoid my no no foods!!), but OMG!!!!!!!!

Ugh. I don't rate Krispy Kreme, I like the idea of them, but they're like eating ultra sugary dust.

Fair enough. I had some passion fruit chocolate from Hotel Chocolat the other day (why yes this week has required/been randomly filled with much in the way of sweet foodstuffs) and it was AMAZING. I don't think many things should be mixed with chocolate (especially not orange and/or mint), but as usual passion fruit trumps life.

Only the plain ones are any good - but I can't be bothered with buying them. I won't even bother with the funny-flavoured ones if someone offers. I tried a couple of times but they were not good, and the taste hung round for ages.

Oh don't get me on Hotel Chocolat! I had something very nice from there once, but I've forgotten what it was now.

You can't beat a proper jam doughnut imo.

Smeg no. Sainsbury's 12p (well, last year... I need to check that out), tart raspberry jam, squidgy dough, crunchy caster-going-on-granulated sugar. Perfect.

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