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(no subject)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, it's appreciated!

It's been an alright day, but not exactly epic. I had the day off and had lunch with my mum, but other than that I cleaned the kitchen floor and cleaned out a litter tray. I had the birthday treat last week when I went to see My Bloody Valentine 3D. Never mind.

I have a Supernatural fic I wanted to post today, but I thought better of damning it before I start by posting it on Friday.

Ho hum.

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Happy Birthday, Sweetie!! I've had birthdays like that but, the bright side is that you treated yourself to something special. :)


Thanks. I wasn't working, that's the main thing!

Could've been worse, presumably...

And happy birthday again - did you see I finally managed to get together that ridiculous fic with Illyria's spawn? That's your treat! ;D

Oh yeah, just not very exciting.

I did see your fic and I am in the middle of reading it right now!

(Deleted comment)
Who needs epic? Glad you had a good day (and a Jenseny treat last week!)

It was very much a treat. :)


Happy belated Birthday !

Heh, it seems the older I get the less epic my birthdays get as well. Though I think a day off would be a wonderful gift ;)

Wishing you the best! Happy birthday!!!!!

You start dreading birthdays!

Thank you!

Ack. I missed your birthday. I had it in my head as being in February. I've been all discombobulated lately.

Hope the day was great, and got the year off to a good pop.

That's okay, I'm horrendous at birthday remembering real life and online.

It was okay, if not especially memorable.

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