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Drabble: The Right Girl (AtS, Harmony)

The Right Girl by Bogwitch

A new job means a new desk.

It’s a good one too. There’s a telephone to call her friends - if she had any – a smart chair and somewhere to hang her cute coat. There’s even a shelf for her unicorns to mark out her territory, their horns a prickly palisade against those who might doubt her ability.

Typing, handing out files, getting the coffee, she can handle all that and look pretty to visitors too.

She’ll shine in the eyes of her new boss, she just knows it. She’ll show him he has the right girl for the job.


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Sweet. Captures Harmony's insecurity perfectly. I particularly like the line about the unicorns.

I nearly had to cut the unicorn line, but it was my favourite line too.

Aww, poor Harmony... :(

She brou0ght it on herself.

But she tries so hard.

Harmony... I miss her!! Cute drabble! :)

I miss her too. It's been a very long time now...

Starting with the right attitude at any rate.

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