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Phil Glenister's hilariously bad American (New York?) accent is really throwing me out of the story.


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*is recording it to watch later*

How is it, bad accent aside?

Watchable, we're spotting all the Buffy rip offs references at the moment.

The hilariously bad story is throwing me out of the story.

I'm having trouble following that, we have a baby and a drum here!

You've not missed a lot. I was paying attention and still missed some of the key information - like the fact that Mina is blind for no apparent reason.

I got the blindless, but missed the pendant stuff completely.

I didn't miss much then.

See my recap. It makes a sort of sense if you ignore the crap script, acting and direction.

I miss Spike.

>>I miss Spike.

That goes without saying.

I know not of what you speak, but it seems I can't let an entry go by without commenting... So, what are we talking when we're talking 'hilariously'??

An entry without your comment would be like a day without the sun, or a post about Supernatural.


Bleeding Supernatural...

Shame!! That's the worst type of hilarious.

Hee. It is a bit weird - but then again, his northern accent in Life on Mars was just as fake!

I'm undecided about the show - it had good things and bad things about it, but on the whole was pretty entertaining for early Saturday evening. In that time slot it is never going to be hugely sophisticated, just like Doctor Who. A lot of people are calling it a Buffy rip off, but it's more of an mixture of a lot of different things - just jumping on board what is a pretty popular genre at the moment!

I've seen that lad in something else, when he was about 12 - Where the Heart Is, perhaps? Haven't watched that in years, but I think that might have been it.

The Life on Mars accent was better though.

It might improve, but yeah there were loads of things that came from all over. It was the library, the round table and the slayer/mentor relationship that made me think of Buffy. It was better than Bonekickers anyway.

We were more curious about the girls. Zoe Tapper was in Hex, but the other one I know I've seen, but her IMDB entry doesn't list her as being in anything I've seen.

The accent wasn't as bad as DB's attempt at a Galway one.

I watched for Philip Glenister. If the plot and characterisation don't improve next week, even he won't tempt me back - hilariously bad American accent or not.

Phil and demons! Demons seem to be a theme for me lately. Apparitions was a billion times better though.

The accent wasn't as bad as DB's attempt at a Galway one.

True, but it was nearly as bad as Mollie the Dick Van Dyke Potential.

I watched Demons yesterday, don't think I'll be tuning in next week.

Then again, seeing that Christian Cooke guy shirtless was kinda yummy.

He looked too much like Tom Welling for my liking.

I'll give it another go for the comedy factor.

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