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(no subject)

This seems as good a time as any, which must have been what the Council thought when then sent out their flat maintenance bills to arrive on Christmas Eve. An £81 demand makes a wonderful Christmas present. Thanks Dacorum!

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I found making the cards all year round was the only way of making enough!

>>We don't have the equipment to keep the roads clear, keep the electric power running for everyone, and the stores are actually running out of food.

I thought we were bad, it only takes about an inch to throw us into chaos. I hope things have improved by now. At least you had someone to snuggle with.

I've actually had my head down writing! I have finished the next chapter of the WIP, it just needs going through to polish it up. Are you going to be around to take a look?

Hurrah! She writes!

I am back to work Monday but I'll look at it in the afternoon when I get home. I'm looking forward to it.

Hopefully. it'll be ready for then. I just need to read through to see if I haven't overcooked things.

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