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(no subject)

My friend C's six year-old bullied me into writing a poem yesterday in five minutes. Here goes...


The moon is like a Stilton,
Big and cheesy and round.
I think he's got his kilt on,
but I can't see from the ground.

I think I might travel up there,
Just to see what I can see,
But I'm afraid of what I might find there,
In case it's swinging free.

(C suggested the kilt rhyme, she wanted it made clear).


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Really good, gave me a smile!

Shame I couldn't think of a Scottish cheese that rhymes with 'kilt on'.

It's better than the other one about Humphrey the Christmas mouse (he was eaten by the cat).

It did require some careful explaining to her daughter though!

Well, once kilts were in the mix it had to go that way...

It's actually cute, profound if you take into account the five minutes genesis...

Thanks! Five minutes does sharpen the muse...

(Sorry this is late)

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