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(no subject)


Oh why can't Ferrero Rocher be counted as vegetables?


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They could if they were tomatoes.


If tomatoes where made of chocolate and nuts, there wouldn't be a problem.

You mean they're not?!

Sheesh. Who'da thunk?

At least when I overdose on mince pies I can convince myself I'm getting my portion of fruit for the day.

I'm a mince pie free zone. Biscuits for cheese (without the cheese mainly, with the one exception of Pineapple Halo) on the other hand...

If anyone happens upon that particular universe, I'm moving in. You and I can share a van.

It must be out there somewhere! Let's keep looking!

But they are.

Key ingredients in chocolate = cocoa and sugar.

Cocoa comes from cocoa beans.
Cocoa beans come from cocoa trees.
Trees are plants.
Thus - vegetable.

Sugar comes from sugar cane.
Sugar cane is a plant.
Thus - vegetable.

And whilst we're at it, wine counts towards your five-a-day as well.

Excellent news!

I hereby pronounce them the official replacement for sprouts!

Sounds like the best plan I've heard all year!


Cos they are an essential food group of their own!

But then they can't count a part of the five a day thing.

It isn't already, she asks, innocently?

Oh yeah, maybe your're right there.

Chocolate is a BEAN. BEAN = vegetable.


Nuts are very, very good for you! Just ask any dietician.

Just as well, because I love 'em.

Slap some green icing on, say they're sprouts. No one'll taste them to check the difference... ;)

You're right there. No one will want to taste them!

Excellent question! Why can't they?! *hugs*

There's something fundementally wrong with the world.

What's the fun of being an adult if you can't change the rules when you like. I say it is now a vegetable for you.

Tell that to my waistline.

...[looks down]...we're not discussing waistlines.

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