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Much better.



(In my head that's said with a Scottish accent, as I'm listening to David Tennant sounding very Scottish right now)

That's, it looks much better now.

I'm not having to imagine the accent very hard, I hear Scots accents all day (Scottish company plus Scottish boss).

Very pretty. Blue would approve.

Much improved by a trip to Wilkinsons (the only place that seems to have any decent stuff (I say that very reservedly) left). There was no tinsel at the garden centre and nothing in blue or purple.

Edited at 2008-12-14 09:16 pm (UTC)

Better than the mess it was yesterday!

Thanks. I always think a white tree has a head start.

(Deleted comment)
A definite improvement.

Beautiful!!!!! I particularly like the lighting :)

The lighting is a bit deceptive because they are actually brilliant white lights (with perspex snowflakes!) being reflected off the baubles.

Ooh! Aah! It's so frosty! I am in much awe.

Makes you chilly just looking at it. Not much room for sweety wrappers though.

So! Tell the truth: you already knew it would turn up this nice, and yesterday's post was just to raise some woe-is-yous, and then dazzle your LJ fellows with your magic blue tree...

Well yeah. I knew I had to get some more stuff and it would work better if everything matched.

I deserve the occassional woe is me, don't I?

*blinks* That is indeed, quite the change. Congrats!

Very pretty... and it matches Illyria.

Yeah. I'm a little obsessed with blue. Read that how you want.

Now that is seriously pretty. We are nowhere near ready to do our tree yet - not till next weekend at my estimate.

My decs always have an icy theme - when I can be bothered with them at all.

We went to get my parents' tree today. We were meant to put it up too, but we were too lazy, so things will be much the same next week.

That IS much better. Just hope it doesn't spin...


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