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Hopefully, this is just the 'Before' shot. As you can see, the theme isn't really working.

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You need more blue stuff. Or ditch the old theme altogether and go for gold.

Ooh, I like gold. Can I vote for gold too? :D

No gold! I have no gold at all!

Ah well... Though you could always make things with gold foil and paper plates. ;)

Gold? Never!

Yeah, it's a mixture of about three themes as I don't have enough of each. I think I need purple or light blue. But how to choose? I have nice stuff in both.

You know what colour baubles I bought last night? Light green. I can't resist the shiny stuff.

SHINY!! (With potential to be shinier!)

It needs more tinsel. Rather than the white one that's on it, or the purple one I don't have enough of, or the dark blue which didn't match or the green one that looked nicer in the shop.

Oh yeah, you can't really see the white tinsel. Though it does bulk out the branches nicely.

What didn't the dark blue match?

The purple and the light blue. What you see here is the improved version - with added owl (near the top).

You can see the white in the dark. Actually the tree looks much better in the dark, like a ghost tree. You should appricate that.

Fair enough. And ooh, owl! It's sweet! Though I fear it may become Tegan's first target...

You should appricate that.

The sheep certainly do!!

Hopefully, it'll be prettier later.

It is getting there! what is the ornament in the left-hand corner that looks like a toxic cocktail? I like the mask on your wall!

Toxic coctails would be an awesome theme! Alas it's just a parcel:

Oh. The mask is from Bali.

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