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(no subject)

I bought my first Christmas tree yesterday (proper sized artificial one anyway - I have five others, but the largest of those is 3ft). It's 5ft and white, therefore making none of my decorations the right colour for it (they're mostly white, silver or light blue, I like snow colours). As could be predicted by anyone with half a brain, Tegan was straight in there. She was looking at it and purring, no doubt planning her assault on it after I was asleep...

... Yep, I found an interesting array of glittery snowflakes circling the base when I got up.

It's going to be a long Christmas.

In other news, I seem to be over my sulk about the Spike/Drusilla fic and I'm back writing and creating some other things. I just hope this time people actually care.


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Nods. And that's why your truly doesn't have a tree or many decorations around the house. The dining room table has a small "Winter like" tree on it that I have to hide overnight in a closed door stairwell otherwise bits are pulled out, etc. in the morning.


It's not like I didn't know it would happen. :D I did make sure I didn't use any of the breakable ornaments. At least it gives her something to do while I'm out!

How long until she pulls the whole thing over? Any bets?

You could always hang the tree upside down from the ceiling, but furry-head would probably feel frustrated and cheated...or she could get even more exercise!

Well, I did think the upside-down trees that appeared in the shops this year would be an excellent solution, but somethow they just aren't right.

There are some things about Christmas that cats cannot resist...
cat with tinsel 3

And then there are some things that they can resist quite easily...

cat in hat

Also - I care!

Eep! I didn't know cats could be possessed by the spirit of Christmas!

>>And then there are some things that they can resist quite easily...

Ha. I thought it was going to be the washing up.

Hurray for sulk-endage! I'm always up for more Boggy!Fic. And alas for your tree. :( (Though a massively pale coloured tree that's white with silver baubles sounds quite fetching.)

Seeing your comment to riccadonna about the upside-down trees - what's up with them? They confuse me no end...

I never meant to sulk, because that's silly, but the muse flew out the window and I had a terrible time trying to encourage it back in. Plus the cat has settled a bit since her op, so I can write in a bit of peace. I'm back on track with the WIP and I am writing the most vanilla sex scene I think you'll ever see me write (still trying to make it hot though).

>>a massively pale coloured tree that's white with silver baubles sounds quite fetching

See, that was my thinking, but as most of the are white snowflakes, they just get lost. I'm going to see if can get some purple decs tomorrow. I think a white tree definitely needs themeing or it looks odd.

I think the Christmas dec designers were a bit desparate for ideas, after black decs, pink trees and butterflies (what have butterflies got to do with Christmas? The symbolism is just all wrong!).

because that's silly

It's not that silly, in the grand scheme of things - especially since you can't control how it affects your writing. And you've got a long way to go before you get to the annoying-(wannabe)-BNF point of spending your whole life whinging about fic and feedback.

Yeah, a white tree probably would need theming - even if it wasn't non-traditional it's still not as forgiving a colour as dark green in terms of mess-looking.

Hee - butterflies! I can imagine them getting a bit desperate, but every time I see them all I can think of are Satanic upturned crosses and pentagrams with the points pointing down, which aren't very Christmassy at all. I can't see many people buying them.

I'm whinging in my head.

I remember trees looking good covered in all sorts of random crap, now trees have to look perfect. I'm just as bad, I have to be satisfied with it all just so.

Well, as long as I don't have to skim past it read it... ;)

I blame the shops for making so many pretty baubles. Baubles used to come from primary schools! And maybe petrol stations!

I have a snowman from Hobbycraft I painte myself, does that count?

I keep my creative strops (mostly) private. my poor mum got most of this one.


Aww, your poor mum! Don't let my pet-peevery stop you posting about it in LJ - I'm sure we can take it. :D

That sounds like an effort.

Well, that's why I never post...

Nor me really, though it's more often than you. :)

I might post a picture of the tree in a minute.

Oi! I posted three times in November, according to my archive calendar. Which has not yet moved to December. :S

Yay! Tree pic!

wow, you're on a burn!

Oh yes, nearly forgot the tree.

Well, maybe I'll start spamming you all with memes...

*clicks on Friends page* Dum dum dum...

At least people would know you're alive.

And this constant haranguing doesn't prove I'm alive??

*sigh* Now I need to post things... ;)

Well, when I only post four times in November, it's hardly haranguing, is it?



Look! Look! I posted! Exciting titbits about my day!

To properly phrase that last sentence - I can see designers getting desperate, but every time I see the upside-down trees all I can think of is anti-Jesus, anti-Christmas stuff...

I never thought of that, though I did notice there's a lot of pentangles masquerading as stars.

I might have bought a few of those...

To be fair to pentangles, Christmas trees are possibly more pagan than they are Christian anyway (though depending on when the tradition started we might be getting close to the point where they've been Christian longer...).

I don't know how trees made the crossover in Germany, but bringing green boughs into the home was certainly at least medieval. I need to look that up. Ronald Hutton wrote a good book about festival traditions called Sations of the Sun. It's very dry though and I never got very far into it.

I'm thinking that quite a lot of it depends on how far it goes back into Celtic times, which I really have no idea about. Especially since I can't be doing with dry books...

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