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I took Tegan to be spayed today. The op went well, but I've got a spitfire back!

She's not taking well to the collar at all. Not that I expect her to, but the feisty mare is so upset and fractious she's throwing herself around the room trying to get it off. That can't be good for her stitches!

Lots of you must have had experience of this. How did you calm them down?


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I really don't know what to say--when my cat went through that, they didn't stick a collar on her at all. And she never messed with the stitches until they were supposed to come out.

All I know is that yours could (more than likely) have a completely different personality now. Before my cat was fixed, she was calm, never whined, and was always quiet. Now, she'll meow and whine and holler to let someone know she wants something.

And chases my Mom, and slaps her ankles on occasion, too. Still sweet, just wilder.

She gave the vets a fair bit of trouble apparently, maybe that's why. I took it off, she's so much better now.

It's too early to tell if she's changed, but I haven't noticed a lot of difference. She's always been feisty!

Gin?? I kid, I kid. *g*

No, thats my way of saying I have no idea I'm afraid. I'm sure she'll wear herself out eventually.

Gin would be extreme, but effective. Might not have a cat anymore though...

Mine have always gone collar-less, so I guess the answer is: take it off. She'll be a lot less stressed without it, and will hopefully be smart enough to leave her stitches alone.

Ours always heve too, so it was a bit of a mystery.

I called the vets in the end. I think they wanted me to leave it on, but agreed that she would probably pull the stiches if she kept jumping about. Not a great situation.

Never had collars for either of mine and they were fine. You might ask the vet for a mild sedative until she calms down.

Calms down? Tegan is a feisty thing! You'd never guess she's had surgery today.

Hmmm are you sure she even needs the collar? I dont recall the practice i work at ever sending a spayed cat out with a collar.. most of em just leave it be. :)

They seem to think she does.

I took it off and she's much, much calmer now (and could actually eat her dinner!). She did lick the area though.

Tilly didn't have a collar after her girly bits surgery, and she left her stitches alone. Leave the collar off Tegan and just keep an eye on her. Hopefully the craziness of the day will finally take its toll on her and she'll settle down and sleep.

I've taken it off now and she's asleep - hurrah!

My family have had cats for thirty years and none of them have had a collar, which is why I'm a bit puzzled whih it.

I've never heard of a Vet putting a collar on for spaying... so maybe you could remove it. Pretzel was the last cat to be spayed here and her stitches were pretty much tiny, tiny, tiny.

Btw, you could try some Bach flower remedy on the cat. I've used their Rescue Remedy and so have others on my flist.

She's much happier with it off.

My mum has some Bach stuff, maybe I'll geve it a go. She's so excitable.

They put a collar on her? As in one of those massive things that are meant to stop them scratching? I thought they were used for problems with their heads, usually - I fail to see how it helps with the side!

Poppy never had one. She came home with her shaved fur and stitches and was as good as gold - licked at them a fair bit, but never tried to pull them out.

She did react to wearing a normal cat collar at first, mind, and tried hard to get *that* off. I broke her in gently so she just wore it for short spells at first, and built up to having it on full time. If I hadn't started letting her out in the spring and summer she wouldn't have needed it at all.

Yep. It wasn't massive, but it was big enough. She was getting her mouth underneath it and her paws caught so it really had to go as she might have strangled herself on the ties.

Nont of my parents cats did either. I can't remember a single instance were any of the wore them for any reason.

Tegan was a bit of a terror and has a bruise on her leg were she wouldn't hold still. She's a troublemaker this one!

I doubt ever put her in a collar, she's got nowhere to escape to, which is good I hate collars.

I have never heard of putting a collar around a cat after spaying, and I used to work at a shelter in my youth, so. I say take it off! HAHA, GOING ABOVE YOUR VET HERE. OBVIOUSLY I AM MORE BRILLIANT THAN S/HE. Which is why I am paid much less in this life, natch.

He's Spanish, maybe that's why.

My cat didn't get a collar. Her stitches were fine - she mostly licked at them , which probably was soothing. BTW, we'd only had her for 3 weeks at that point and she was half-feral, so she would have had all sorts of reasons to go mental but didn't.

I have a suspicion she'll pull the stitches anyway, you'd never guess from her running about anything had happened to her today!

Only thing I remember from when Smudge got hers was lots if petting helped, and lots of attention!

She likes that enough anyway!

So many people know stuff about cats! I, er, don't...

Love the icon though!

I know who not to ask...

Well, I'm always happy to give completely unfounded advice!

Like everyone else I was thinking 'try without the collar'. Do keep an eye on her though - one of my Mum's cats took all her own stitches out with her teeth...

She seems okay without so far. Just as well, because I destroyed the collar ties in the process.

When I rescued a female cat and had her spayed before rehoming her, she didn't come home with a collar and never messed with her stitches. I'm glad you took it off. If she's still feisty after that and could hurt herself, you're going to have to crate her and buy earmuffs.

I stuck in her carry box and she still wasn't happy. When she got both her front paws through the collar, I really thought enough was enough.

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