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I am still alive. The cat went into heat earlier than I'd predicted.


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LOL. I am imagining a story here between you and the cat that is NOT AT ALL what you meant this post to be.

It's probably more interesting that the truth.

Yikes! Poor you! That sounds like a story and a half.

We've only had a cat go into heat on us once over the years (and there was a long story behind that one) but it was quite an experience. She went nuts about being kept locked up, and tom cats were coming from miles around to gather around the house wailing for her to come out. One of them got himself run over, which was really sad.

Poor boy. :(

I don't think we've ever had a cat go into heat. This one spent about 5 days calling and calling - waking me up at rude times too! She wasn't doing any writhing, which is why I didn't figure it was heat until after a few days. I thought I'd done something wrong and that stressed me out. I feel better know I know it wasn't my fault.

I'd thought she was a bit young at 5 months, although I knew it wouldn't be long. I wanted to get to a convienent moment to have her done - but it looks like that will be next week!

That is a bit young, although it does happen - my sister has Poppy's sister, Mackerel, and she went into heat at 5 months. Poppy, on the other hand, was spayed at 6 months, like clockwork, and never showed the slightest sign of early puberty!

The one time it happened with a cat in our family, it wasn't really our cat - she just turned up on the doorstep over one Christmas, about 9 months old. Actually sat on the windowsill knocking on the window with a paw! She was obviously not a stray, but also definitely not local. We advertised for an owner, but no one came forward, and in the meantime we were stuck with this cat that had adopted us...and promptly went into heat. Fun.

We ended up keeping the cat for about a year, and then she just up and vanished again, just as suddenly as she'd arrived. Talk about the Littlest Hobo!

So, noisy little Tiegan now has her operation to look forward to. Poppy barely noticed hers at all, wasn't the slightest bit troubled by either soreness or her stitches and bald spot. Hopefully Tiegan will be equally nonchalant.

I was an early developer too, she has my sympathies.

That's very nice of a visiting Christmas waif - the gift that keeps giving!

A bald patch will look lovely on the xmas pics. ::grumbles::

Heh. Poppy was done just before Christmas as well - the beginning of December, in fact. Her bald patch looks marvellous in pics.

Comfort yourself that there will be many Christmasses with fur intact still to come...*G*

Oh dear... (Er, that's not a response to you being still alive, by the way! This cat story sounds tribulation-y.)

Constant yowling and rude awarkening at four in the morning. I was quite stressed! Thankfully all over now.

Hurrah! (How often does heat happen? I know so little about cats it's not funny...)

Every three weeks if they don't get gang-banged by the local toms!

They're all sluts.

Maybe I should've directed her to Watford town centre.

Hee! She'd have been envied like no one else...

Sorry about the cat - and very glad you're still alive.

Thanks. This last week was a little tense, almost resulting in me bursting into tears at work.

She's definitely off to the vets next week!

What's that like? I've only ever had dogs, and all of them were fixed. I'm allergic to cats.

Five days of really loud yowling at the door!

They're meant to writhe about and 'present' themselves, but she didn't do that much of that.

Poor girl. Both of you.

I've been lucky and always managed to get my females done before the dire event struck, but I've had to explain to several of my friends why their cat was suddenly become so loving.

Then I'd go home, chuckling. I'm mean that way.

Trust me to get the early developer!

She wasn't that over-affactionate actuslly, or maybe I didn't notice because she's affactionate anyway.

Heh. I'm SO glad you are still kickin'. *smooch*

Being female certainly has its drawbacks. O_O

Tell me aout it!

She nearly drove me to a breakdown.

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