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(no subject)

Dear Cat,

You're very cute and everything, but I am not a trampoline.

This is especially true at 2 am and at times when I'm not feeling well in the stomach region.

Please refrain from bouncing tonight and I might see about giving you some of that dried food you like in the morning.



P.S. No, you can't have a third dinner.

P.P.S. And leave that wallpaper alone!

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Welcome to my life--of the past TWELVE AND A HALF years!!!!

I did live with cats most of my life, but I just want some sleep!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. It's nothing too bad, but I actually feel worse today.

Heh. Yep, I know that one only too well!

'Cept with Poppy it has always been the back of my neck she is obsessed with, especially at night. Cute...but prickly!

Tegan would be lucky to penetrate that far into the duvet!

I had to lock her out again last night, but still you yet the plaintive yowling!

Oh, don't you just. Nights were something of a nightmare when Poppy was small! She would want to play, and I would want to sleep, and there would be long, ongoing battles of will wherein I tried locking her out of the bedroom, but she made such a fuss I couldn't sleep anyway, and it was all very wearing.

Luckily, she grew out of it, and now by about 9pm tends to be waiting for me to go to bed so she can come and cuddle! LOL

Hope your dodgy stomache improves.

>>Hope your dodgy stomach improves.

Thanks. I think it might actually be getting worse though.

It's a shame to be wishing their kittenhood away, but I'd love to see the back of all this excess energy!

I tried the leaving treats around the flat thing, but I don't think she's quite grasped the concept.

Excess energy is great to look back on and recall with fond nostalgia...not so great to have to live with!

They are all so different - Poppy always had great fun with hidden treats...as long as they weren't too well hidden. She became expert with the treat ball, although isn't so fussed these days.

The treat ball is a concept way beyond her, I think.

Unless I put them right under her nose or throw them for her, she doesn't find them.

Your cat stories amuse me... Although, having also felt a little dodgy in the stomach region recently, I can't help but wince in sympathy. :(

There seems to be a lot of stomach problems about at the momemnet. I haven't felt right for about three days, but it came to a head last night - I don't think I'm going to work.

I have done and typed up your beta, but I think I need to read your story through once more. I found the flashbacks and and the pace a bit confusing - I need to know if that's actually a problem or just the mood I was in the first time I read it.

Mine's mostly been crampy girly pain (oddly hardcore for some reason), but I've had this cough which hasn't really helped.

Fair enough! I wanted to make them a bit more like dreams than flashbacks, hence the blending, but I originally wrote them in chronological order, so I imagine there might not be enough hints as to the way they actually flow. Do you think it's going to be something I could post to seasonal_spuffy on Saturday? (I should probably set some time aside to fix it if it is.)

You really don't want the details of mine.

If I get a move on, I think you'd be okay for Saturday. There's less wrong than all my scribblings make out. :)

I'm sure they're highly pleasant!

Yay! And yay! :)

(This comment was brought to you by exclamation marks...)

'Tis the season to be sickly!

If you can get kitty to be still, there's no better hot water bottle for your upset tummy, than a warm, purring cat.

Get well, soon!

Hmm. I might have been with that if she hadn't pissed on the bed.

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