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Wallpaper: Hell's Own Angel

Happy Halloween!

I'm going to ignore the fact no one read the Spike/Drusilla fic it took me over a year to write and move on back to Supernatural.

It's been awhile since I made a wallpaper, and as is so often the case I couldn't quite decide which version I liked better:

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I like 2, with his face not so white, but then the blacker wings are good on 1.

You see, this was the problem! Even to quick poll I did at work was inconclusive. I like the effect over the wings of 2, but I think I prefer 1 all told.

There was fic??? I didn't see fic!! Gah - I have to cook stuff now, I'll have to try and remember this for tomorrow...

I'm going to ignore the fact no one read the Spike/Drusilla fic
I read it but am not compos enough to comment. Bottom line - it was well worth finishing and is very fitting for the season.

That's okay and thanks. I was just a bit sore about only three comments from something which took a lot of work. I've tried to fathom what people want me to do and when and I just don't know anymore!

Oh thats really beautiful. I love the rich colors and textures you've used on it.

Thanks. It was a very simple one in the end.

I like the first one, I think, because of the wings. Very nice!

I like the first one too, now I've lived with them a bit. Thanks!

I can't decide which one I like better, either. They're both beautiful!

I have your fic bookmarked, but my seasonal_spuffy is due in a few days so I'm more in writing mode right now.

That's alright. I've just been feeling a bit grumpy about the whole writing thing in general lately.

I'm surprised you didn't get more comments. Probably just bad timing, and people didn't see the post.

Yeah, I know, but it's been happening a lot lately. It shouldn't matter, but I do wonder why I bother sometimes.

I know what you mean.

You probably need to find other venues so you can widen the number of people who'll read.

'Course then you have to read in return, which takes even more of your time. It's a vicious cycle.

You broke my heart with that complaint! But, hey, there's the Seasonal S. going on right now, and I'm already something like ten days behind in reading that: this is one of the few precious periods when there is too much new stuff to keep up with. I WILL read your Spike/Drusilla story as soon as I can, and I expect it to be a treat, too, because you have very high standards.

Re: The Spike/Dru Thing

Ha! You should have seen the rant I wrote about acouple of months ago and thought better of posting!

Thank you. Don't worry take your time.

I think I prefer the first one, because of the contrastiness. Though they're both very pretty (even if they do contain the eeevil SPN).

I'll get you with it one day!

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