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Cat problem (amongst a few)

My little cat has managed to get her chops covered in food and it's dried on!

I've tried the spit and tissue method and upgraded to water and flannel, but nothing is working. Anyone have any ideas?


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Baby wipes work wonders !

Ah. A trip to the shop tomorrow then!

*flails at fearful cat maladies*

That can happen?!

Can what happen?

I've never known such a mucky little bugger.

That, my dear is not dried on food. Those are scabs. Your cat is allergic to something.

Scabs? That smell like cat food?

Baby wipes are good. Chamomile tea (warm) can also help.

As I have neither handy, it;s the shop tomorrow!

Goodness. I thought cats were self-cleaning. I don't think a scrubbing brush would work, somehow.


*reads comments*

And yep - baby wipes work miracles. They remove absolutely anything, up to and including ink stains. And yet we allow babies to suck on them...

I have no experience with baby wipes (or babies at all), but I'm going to test this miracle!

I figured I needed something stronger than water, but I didn't want to poison her.

I am along way back in my FL! I guess you've got the babywipes and they've worked.

A bit of oil rubbed in will sometimes loosen crud on cats too. Or even washing up liquid... I speak from experience!

I thought about the washing up liquid, but I didn't want to make her sick.

I tried the baby wipes. It got the stuff off the top of her head, but she got resistant when I got to her face, so I need to go again there.


Would it be okay if I posted this announcement (click) to your community "spike_fics"? It's not exactly a story but it is connected to one. The entry is custom locked so let me know if you (or your co-maintainer uisge_beatha) have problems accessing it.


I don't mind, but if you could stress the Spike angle a little more then it'll fit better with the community rules.

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