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Goth meme

Yeah, well. I used to be 88%.

You Are 76% Goth

You are clearly goth. Even if you don't consider yourself goth, other people do.

Let's face it. You're a little moodier, darker, and weirder than most people.

But that's okay. You enjoy being different, and you're proud of who you are.

Many psychologists think that goths are more self aware and smarter than the average person!


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You're all emo over your emoness. How emo.

Have a good time?

Never! I reject emotions in all their forms! I am but Kraftwerk or something similar!

Very good! Though Europe is all expensive at the moment - a Happy Meal is four whole Euros (my friend had one - I had a proper McChicken Sandwich of Death). Though the toys are currently from Kung Fu Panda, and the tiger(??) we got actually managed to execute a full back-flip. It made me think of you and your obsession!

Did you use the Trans-Europe Express?

Obsessed? Me?

She does back flips? Cool.

Does that exist? It was definitely of the good-old InterRail pass + backpack type of holiday.


Yep! And it's a she? I suppose that makes the gender balance a bit more balanced with her as well as the snake.

I have no idea. Maybe it did in 1978 or whenever.


I assume Angelina Jolie would be doing the voice of a she.

I assume Angelina Jolie would be doing the voice of a she.I know nothing</i> about Kung Fu Panda....

You should sort that out.

Yeah, that and my formatting issues...

What's the plot again? All I know is there's a panda for comic relief. The trailers weren't very forthcoming.

Panda dreams of kung fu not noodles. kung fu masters laugh. Panda kicks bottom. Same old really.

I thought pandas were part of the kung fu tradition? Or maybe I'm getting confused with beat-em-up computer games where there are sometimes secret characters who are pandas...

Anyway, sounds good! Everyone loves noodles...

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