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Goth meme

Yeah, well. I used to be 88%.

You Are 76% Goth

You are clearly goth. Even if you don't consider yourself goth, other people do.

Let's face it. You're a little moodier, darker, and weirder than most people.

But that's okay. You enjoy being different, and you're proud of who you are.

Many psychologists think that goths are more self aware and smarter than the average person!


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I actually thought my score would be higher than this

You Are 56% Goth

You definitely have some gothicness going on, but you're far from being a stereotypical goth.

You enjoy certain elements of goth culture, but you're not going to be into something simply because it's goth.

It's likely that you're the type of person who totally defies labels. Good for you!

If you are into something, it's because you sincerely love it. Not because it projects a certain image.

It's all the silver jewellery! Actually, I think I forgot to tick a box. I think I'm actually 80% still...

I didn't tick that one because I don't wear jewellery. All the stuff I do own is silver though, mostly because I'm allergic to anything else. Hehe!

I haven't been wearing much lately, but I sure do have a ton of it.

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