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FIC!! Penumbra

You know what I said earlier about not wanting to write? Well, I lied.

This has come as quite a shock to me for several reasons:
1. I actually wrote something.
2. In one night!
3. It's Angel! (whom I have no interest in whatsoever)
4. It's a challenge response to miggy's DS9 title challenge (I gave up DS9 in season two).

So he goes, feel free to rip it to bits, I'd like honest opinions. I can take it!

Penumbra – Bogwitch
AtS, Season five. Not too spoilery, just a bit I suppose. Nothing to get offended about - except the lack of Spike. Unbetaed and probably crap.

There’s a figure at the tinted window of the modern office block. Look closer and it’s a man like any other, turning his back on the mundane chores of his work. He has a human face, but there’s a whole world out there that he cannot enter, and no portal or mystical gateway will ever grant him access to the world of the day. To the world of the sun, to the world of life that tilts itself to the star above, to the world of the living.

He could pretend that he’s a man, with a job, and apartment and a life, but he’ll always understand that he’ll only ever be an imitator. He has another destiny to play out, a mission to fulfil and a reward to earn. He will never toil amongst the people below in the 9 to 5 to death.

He must wait in the shade for nightfall, afraid to stand in the sun, even behind the treated glass, because he knows if he lingers for too long he will miss it too much when all this is over. Like that day spent in the summer sunshine with a ring he could not keep. So as he presses his hand to the glass, the rays gently warming his dead hand, he doesn’t want this taste of life to end, despite the knowledge that it’s all an illusion, a reminder of what he is not, because despite everything he’s seen, done and fought for; despite the soul, Angel still stands in shadow.

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