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Cats. Why did I want one again?

I've been trying write this post of hours, but every time I sit down that the computer a small kitten voice demands attention in a determined squeak.

This is Tegan (name change suggestions taken), when she sat still long enough to have her photo taken:

She's nowhere near as shy as I thought she'd be. Her legs don't quite deploy as they should, and this isn't helped by my wooden floor (you should see her shuffle across it!), but when she's hunting after the thing on the end of the fishing rod, you wouldn't be able to tell.


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She's gorgeous!!!!

::snorgles teh Tegan belleh::

When they're gorgegous, they can get away with anything!

'Tegan' is all the shelter's fault! I don't hate, but I don't know if I'll keep it. At least I liked Tegan...

Since she's demanding and determined, the name sounds like a fit to me! :D

Good. It's been a very long time since I saw Tegan!

Just keep her away from giant body-snatching snakes and she'll be fine. ;P

You ought to show her off over at kittypix. She'll soon have her own fan club.

I remember that. It had quite an effect on my young mind. Haven't seen it since though.

I think her ego is already big enough!

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