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Cats. Why did I want one again?

I've been trying write this post of hours, but every time I sit down that the computer a small kitten voice demands attention in a determined squeak.

This is Tegan (name change suggestions taken), when she sat still long enough to have her photo taken:

She's nowhere near as shy as I thought she'd be. Her legs don't quite deploy as they should, and this isn't helped by my wooden floor (you should see her shuffle across it!), but when she's hunting after the thing on the end of the fishing rod, you wouldn't be able to tell.


She's gorgeous!!!!

::snorgles teh Tegan belleh::

When they're gorgegous, they can get away with anything!

'Tegan' is all the shelter's fault! I don't hate, but I don't know if I'll keep it. At least I liked Tegan...

(Deleted comment)
Oh, she is adoreable!!

She has this wonnderful doubtful-looking sideways glance when you pick her up that's heart-melting. Very difficult to capture in a photo though.

What a cutie! She has the "it" girl look. :-)

Not when she jumps off something, then she has the 'splat' look!

She's adorable! Congrats on having a new kitty - it sounds like she will have a good home with you. :)

She's a good girl too.

Thanks, I thinks she will.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! She looks like my 'Tiger' :) Very very cute!!

I wanted a black cat really, as wwe've never had one, but she's got such a sweet face. And she needed me!

She's so adorable! Look at that little face! *scratches behind her ears*

She likes that very much.

Kitty! She has the look of my Pelle Cat so - look out!


If you just got her, it may take her awhile to tell you her name. She will eventually.

Yeah, they usually do. That how one of my mum's cats ended up as 'Pootle'.

She's home!

What an adorable face. Are her eyes blue? As to the name. How long has she been Tegan? I think it suits her.

Yeah! She came home yesterday. She was ever such a good girl in the car.

Her eyes sre at that stage where they're turning from blue to green.

The Blue Cross called her Tegan I think. I might keep it, depends.

Awwwww. Bless her little heart, how adorable!

And um, yes...they can be very demanding at that age. Or, indeed, at any age. *G*

I have been around kittens before, but not own my own locked in a flat with them! She seems okay as long and I stay in the sitting room with her. Unfortunately, the computer is in the bedroom. I need to get my wi fi up and running at this rate.

Thus I haven't been able to read your very interesting looking post yet...

She's beautiful!!! *huggles kitty*


I'm rubbishy with names...

My best attempt in the past has been 'Pootle' so she may stay as Tegan!

Nawwwwwwwww lookit teh cutesy! *pets* :)

I'll give her a hug for you.