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Two BtVS Drabbles

I want my cat. Why did I agree to pick her up on Friday? Oh yeah, no holiday left.

Never mind. I'll just have to go back to my SPN over-excitement.

In the meantime, I have two more drabbles from my finish-a-fic rummage through my BtVS scrap file:

A Thousand Faces
Warnings: None.
Character: Spike
Summary: Who is he really?

His soul has stripped him bare, peeling away the kaleidoscope of personalities that hide the person that once lived inside. Lover, fighter, joker, martyr, dead man, good man, killer, thief; he’s all of these and more.

He’s none of them and less.

The mask has always changed to suit the occasion, but he’s been hiding so long that he can’t remember which of these people is the real him.

So who is he really? William? Spike? Someone new?

Perhaps he’s just a character in his own fantasy; an actor of a thousand faces.

Perhaps he’s an illusion of a man.

Willow Pattern
Warnings: None.
Character: Tara
Summary: Resolve, and the Pain it Brings

What Tara can’t make Willow understand is that magic, real magic, is about life and death, the natural cycles that make the world function. Willow wants to control it, re-make it in Willow pattern, but that was missing the point.

Until Willow sees, really sees, what she’s doing is wrong, there’ll be no hope for them. It pains Tara to feel this way, to love the woman so deeply, yet fear her too, but it’s down to her to be the one with the resolve, to make Willow see the harm in her actions.

But whatever she does, it’ll hurt.

Tags: btvs, drabble

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