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As long as all goes well, I'm getting a kitten!

Her name [currently] is Tegan [ha] and she's got possible neurological problems that means she can't go out.


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Aww, congratulations love. :)

I'm sure we'll be very happy together!

I pick her up Friday, soon hopefully. We all stupidly forgot cameras today.

Yay for kittens!

I picked up Sascha (black tabby) today. She's six weeks old and I have no clue why I named her that; it just feels right. She had a broken rear leg that is still bothering her a bit.

Kittens are great.

Black tabby? How does that work?

She sounds adorable though. I wanted a black one, but because I live in a first floor flat, I had to wait for a suitable one that couldn't go out. Tegan is tabby and white.

>>Kittens are great.


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Oh, I need to think about getting a kitten. Still getting over Smudge just now, but miss not having a pet!

Hope yours is adoreable!

She is. She's a bit slow - her reactions are way off, but she doesn't need to be a mouser.

Yay, another kitteh on my Flist! Lots and lots of pics when you can, pls. \o/

I'm sure I can manage that!

AWWW! Tell me more about her! I mean, if you feel like it. I wanna know.

Um. She's tabby and white, a little shy, unlike her brother who looks almost identical, but who is a lot less delicate. Her reaction times to stimulus are terrible, which is why the rescue centre think she's got neurological damage. She was happily attacking thin air while we where there!

Congratulations! May both of you have many happy years together.

Thanks. I'll miss the years of cat hair free clothing though!

Cool. I love cats, but hubby is allergic (I think I am as well, but I'm allergic to everything).

Kittens are the best medicine when you're sick or unhappy. It's impossible to be sad when one of them starts dancing with phantoms.

My ex was allergic which is why we never got one, then it just took a while to get around to finding the right one.

Luckily, I don't think she's going to be adventurous, so the curtains will be safe!

I love cats! I am so envious (I'm allergic). Maybe you could post a pic? Have fun!

I'll post one on Friday when I get her. Why I forgot the camera, I'll never know.

Woot! Let us know how it goes!


Aww. I hope this 'adoption' works out really well for you both. I want to see pictures!

They'll be pics, rest assured!

Congratulations! Cats = happiness but beware your furniture...

I grew up with cats, so I'm well aware of the danger to furniture! Luckily, my sofa is getting on a bit now.

Another agent for their masterscheme will be in place.

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