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It's Dark Angel dreams now...

Two nights running I've dreamt of buying soup in a post-Pulse noodle shop. I don't even like soup much. Today I also had a second dream I was having a baby (it was a boy btw).

What do you think all that means, eh?


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The smeg's a post-Pulse noodle shop?

As for the baby... Aliens?

It's a Dark Angel thing, not really relevant.

The baby seemed human enough. I was more concerned with the presents, frankly. Even if there was a pram. A pram! not even a buggy.

I assumed it had to be, but then I was trying to parse the lingo (I know, obviously a mistake in an unfamiliar fandom), and all I could come up with was an episode called Pulse where very weird things happen to noodle shops across the world...

I was thinking that maybe the aliens were beaming you up during the night to use you as a spawn incubator, and your subconscious was trying to tell you... I should probably have been clearer.

A pram! not even a buggy.


The Pulse is am electro-magnetic pulse that's set off in the atmosphere by terrorists which causes all the computers in the world to go pzzzst! Thus causing the dystopian world in which Dark Angel is set. This was very much a dream taking place in the Dark Angel universe, but it wasn't about it as such. It was just a noodle shop with soup.

>maybe the aliens were beaming you up during the night to use you as a spawn incubator

They'd better bloody not be! I'll hit them with my retro pram.

Ah, cool. I suppose that goes to show how little I know about Dark Angel. Still, I do like the soup you get with noodles.

It would have more heft than a buggy.

It was a Thai soup of some sort, but not Pad Thai.

It was nice. I don't dream of bad soup.

Well, maybe that's the aliens trying to keep you happy.

You are of course merely means to an end.

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