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Meme Warning!

I finally had time to have a go at the 20 first lines meme that's spreading like virulent infection.

There's a bit of guess the fandom, plus a few unfinished works I have yet to show the world...

"They come," Illyria pronounces out of the blue, her words weighty and bitter as they echo through her vast and vacant halls.

“Hey Max sugar, can I borrow yo silver top?”

"I'll see you in hell."

The cheap plastic chair creaks as Alec leans over, scraping the polished floor loudly enough to make Max wince in case it draws too much attention.


Alec ducks into her personal space and licks her along the lobe of her ear.

First gone, after blood has boiled dry and torn flesh begins to peel from ragged bone, are fragments of memory, the vital building blocks that make him Dean stripped away and disposed as junk.

Sometimes the future feels so close; a breath, a blink, a heartbeat away.

"Ssh!" Buffy hisses and snatches the cards back. "Just one game, I said."

When Spike returned, Buffy found her missing piece.


The darkness is the kind that swallows light. So she doesn’t bother with the torch.

The girl is painted pale, kohl circled eyes stark against pasty flesh that disappears under the big black hair.

”I do not like this activity named ‘Karaoke’.”

“Ugh.” Angel twisted his face as he grunted, his expression contorting with strain.

As still as the statues lining the piazzas, Buffy stands hidden from the bustle of the villa in a secluded corner of the gardens.

While she works, Chrissie likes to people-watch.

When Buffy's eyes fall shut, she's already halfway to oblivion.

In the dim light of a darkened room, Wesley's life crumbled to dust.

“Spike!” a breathless voice gasped in a ragged whisper. “Yeah, there… Oh. Oh my god right there… Yes!”

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Oh, some of these are lovely! 8, 16, and 19 in particular are extremely pretty, and I really like 12 - if it's Buffyverse it's very Buffyverse: the mundane supernatural.

You know, I was reading The Heartstone again the other day - it was a lot of fun!

I think 16 and 19 are a little clunky actually, they could be better.

Thanks. I read it occessionally too. I like it more than the WIP to be honest. I was thinking only last night about indulging myself and writing Zelda's story.

Hmm... I may have squished 'the bustle of the villa' to just 'the villa' as I read it, but I love the image. 'Dim light of a darkened room' is a wonderful phrase.

I'm still waiting to see where your WIP's going to go - currently it feels a bit like I'm reading a big chunky paperback on the sofa, but have to get up between each chapter to get a cup of tea, which chops it up somewhat. It's hard to get a handle on.

Zelda's story could be cool!

If I hadn't rushed it, I might have clipped that too.

Yeah, it's my problem too. I finish a chapter, then I have to remind myself where I'm going with it. I'm never writing anything of such proportions as a WIP again. Chapter 26 is back from beta though. With a plot flaw. Hmmm.

Zelda's story has yuckky sacrifice, demon-sex, the occult and menacing of the countryside. Good stuff.

I'm never writing anything of such proportions as a WIP again.

Just make sure it doesn't want a sequel!

Zelda's story does sound pretty fun.

It won't warrant a sequel, and I have no intention of writing one. Where I think it will end up, I have no interest in exploring.

I does. Another for the maybe pile.

Where I think it will end up, I have no interest in exploring.

Now I'm a little worried.

If you think about it, you shouldn't be. ;)

I am suspicious of you and your happily-ever-afters.

Oh, I didn't notice you mentioned 12. It is the Buffyverse. It's the first line of Black Widow 2.

Cool! Not leaping straight into the sex, then?

Give it 500 words or so.

First lines are very important. You do 'em good.

I should hopeso, the amount of time I've spent on them. Last lines would be more revealing maybe...

I think last lines are much harder than first lines, although first lines have to sell the story.

But last lines have to make sense of it all.

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