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A Ghost Post

Yesterday Bogwitch actually did something interesting with her life (apart from writerconuk, of course).

I went ghostfacing! Oh yeah, those ghosts were faced.

The White Hart Hotel is over 600 years old and is one of the most haunted places in St Albans (which in turn is apparently one of the most haunted towns in Britain) and they do a dinner and ghost tour once a month.

Of course, this kind of do attracts a Bogwitch like wasps to a picnic.

During the tour, given by a manic Northern Irishman no one could understand, I didn’t spot any ghostly activity, which was a disappointment, but I did have a couple of odd (but probably explainable) experiences. Firstly, almost the entire time I was there I could feel my heart pumping really fast; this may just have been my excitement though, I certainly wasn’t scared! I only felt normal again as I left.

Second, on the spooky, wobbly stairwell, something seemed to make me lean over and over… Then I realised that there was a low window beside me and it was open! I wasn’t pushed, but why I was leaning over I don’t know, but it might have been the uneven floorboards which are a bit of a theme in this hotel.

See if you can spot any apparitions of lingering evil:

The dining room where England declared war on Spain; but not while we were eating our hot fruit salad though.

The spooky, wobbly stairwell where people were hung and a young girl died in a fire. There was something about a paedophile, but I wasn’t really listening.

Orbs are spotted here if you squint and wish very hard.

The Guest’s lounge that no one uses. I suspect this has less to do with people thinking it’s occupied because they hear voices and more to do with the uncomfy furniture. This was supposedly a council chamber and a landlord threw himself off the balcony.

A strange picture that was found under the plaster. From here we went into an unlit corridor were the staff live. Many of them have apparently said they have felt something enter the room and sit on their beds. One even felt hands around his throat.

The haunted Ladies toilet, where ‘presences’ are felt. I just felt uneven floorboards.

Spooky cellar number one where the plague victims were kept and the lights were turned off so we could experience the spookiness in full and scared people could get more scared. Note the terrifying Christmas decs. They’re probably possessed.

This was entered by very rickety and thin-boarded steps from the kitchens. I would love to see the risk assessment.

Hmm, spookier with lights off, methinks.

Spooky cellar number two with handy escape tunnel (bricked up in alcove) to the Abbey of St Albans (which is opposite the hotel). Figures have been seen here.

Boxes of gut churning horror labelled at £4.99:

In all, a fun (and certainly different) evening was had.

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