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Dark Angel drabble: Addiction

Panic over.

Not that many here will be interested in my dabbling in the Dark Angel universe., but this isn't the story I was working on, nor is it the last minute replacement, both of which got too complicated for the deadline. This drabble nicks a chunk of the second story and filfuls my ficathon commitment, giving me more time to work out how to finish the other stories.

Title: Addiction
Author: Bogwitch
Rating: PG
Pairing: Max/Alec
Word Court: 100
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None
Summary: Max takes Alec undercover. No, not in that way…
Notes: Written for candycentric and thejam_pony_fic Summer Mini-Ficathon. This is my first attempt at a Dark Angel story of any kind that I’ve finished. I ran out of time to complete the two full short stories I started, so it’s just a drabble I’m afraid. However, I do plan to finish those stories at some point, so I’ll be back!
Candycentric’s Prompt: Your character is forced to attend a 'group therapy' session. Who and what for?

Alec ducks into her personal space and licks her along the lobe of her ear. His hot breath tickles against her skin and is enough to make her shudder, the slippery slide of his tongue sending clear signals to places Max doesn’t want to connect with Alec; not now, not ever.

“Shh,” she whispers. The group session is too public for her to slap him away, to let her anger out will break their cover and they need that disc of Manticore psych files in the therapist’s cupboard.

At least for now, sex addict isn’t a difficult role to play.


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Yay for Dark Angel writing, however, brief. And how timely - I just, quite literally about 5 minutes ago, finished recapping Gill Girl. Just have to do all the editing in of commentary and analysis, and it'll be ready to post (ETA - although prob not till after the weekend).

It feels good to be in a DA mood :)

Edited at 2008-08-15 11:07 am (UTC)

It does. And you'll get three stories for the price of one! (eventually).

I'll be away all weekend so that works for me. :D

I like that you caught so much of Alec, Max, Alec in relation to Max, Max in relation to Alec in so few words, plus it's funny

Thank god all that comes across! There is a lot more to this story with a lot of banter, but it boiled down in 100 words to the essential elements I needed to capture quite well.

In that case, I'm pleased I bothered to expand on why I liked it:)

The group session is too public for her to slap him away
But wouldn't that be fun.

Alec is a brat. He is also sexy.

Bogwitch is a tease. She needs to write more.


The whole problem was that Bogwitch wrote too much in the first place!

You did manage to catch everything that you had included in all the banter.

Of course, with the banter, the readers had more time to enjoy Max's embarrassment and Alec's bald-faced shamelessness.

It works either way!

Yes, thank heavens.

I'll get back to finish up the proper version (and the other one) when I can keep my eyes open...

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