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Drabble: Memory Loss (Supernatural) [spoilers in comments]

Due to a near disasterous missing flash drive incident, this one nearly didn't make it, but it's a plucky little thing and here it is:

Title: Memory Loss
Author: bogwitch
Rating: Um. PG-13?
Character: Dean
Spoilers: Post No Rest for the Wicked
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Characters were harmed in the making of this fic.Nothing Supernatural belongs to me, but is the property of hell hellish corporate entities who would just love to track me down.
Summary: Hell is greedy

First gone, after blood has boiled dry and torn flesh begins to peel from ragged bone, are fragments of memory, the vital building blocks that make him Dean stripped away and disposed as junk.

He feels them go; experiencing each for a moment so he knows what he’s losing, before they slip away and disappear; random moments from a lifetime eaten like flames consuming a Polaroid: a woman’s smooth, naked back, a banshee’s last scream, endless motel rooms and Sam’s bright, boyish grin; every detail crumbling to ash flittering into the depths of hell’s maw.

Hell’s taking everything he has.

Tags: drabble, supernatural

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