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2008 Book List

In January I decided I would join in and list all the books I've read this year like what some other people do. I am now ready to post it:

In 2008 I have read:

1. Far from the Sodding Crowd (More Uncommonly British Days Out) by Hallstead, Hazeley, Morris and Morris

And, um, that's it.


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I haven't done very well either. So far, I've read a history of the space race and the latest Janet Evanovich novel. That's it for me.

Glad I'm not the only one.

I do expect this total to double (relatively) soon when I finish this book about the Crusades I primarily picked up as research for a Drogyn fic.

Ooh, a Drogyn fic. Interesting. Don't think I've ever seen one of those before.

Which will probably mean no one will read it!

hmm...I've been reading histories of the mistress of royal monarchs from around 1100 to present...and a history of Scotland that I'm interested in but can't seem to finish. (Sex is always more interesting than pure history.)

History seems to be a running theme. Perhaps we should read easier books!

I kept a list for all of 2007--158 books. I decided it was too long to post, and then wondered why I was bothering if I wasn't going to post it.

So did you like either book?

Why not keep a list of the fanfics you read?

Both books were good.

Now THAT would would be a long list. Can't be bothered with that.

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