Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Wallpaper: Praying to a Broken Altar (Supernatural)

I was amused today, yes I was, by the desperate lengths greetings card makers will go to at this time of year when there is a dearth of marketable holidays and high days to flog us cards for. Yes, the 'Thank You Teacher!' cards were out in force in the co op. (I'm not saying it isn't a nice sentiment, my teacher friends, but it does kind of highlight the lengths they'll go to sell cards. What was wrong with a normal 'Thank You' card? Or selling postcards?).

In other news, my FL is boring me to death with the Doctor Who squee which I am so not sharing. I'm afraid the combination of both Catherine shouty irritating Tate and Billie Piper's abysmal acting (not to mention just her sheer presence on my TV) was too much for me to bear and I turned it off last week for the rest of the season.

Therefore, I am getting my revenge by boring you to death in return with Supernatural and another wallpaper made by me:

Tags: supernatural, wallpapers

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