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Wallpaper: Praying to a Broken Altar (Supernatural)

I was amused today, yes I was, by the desperate lengths greetings card makers will go to at this time of year when there is a dearth of marketable holidays and high days to flog us cards for. Yes, the 'Thank You Teacher!' cards were out in force in the co op. (I'm not saying it isn't a nice sentiment, my teacher friends, but it does kind of highlight the lengths they'll go to sell cards. What was wrong with a normal 'Thank You' card? Or selling postcards?).

In other news, my FL is boring me to death with the Doctor Who squee which I am so not sharing. I'm afraid the combination of both Catherine shouty irritating Tate and Billie Piper's abysmal acting (not to mention just her sheer presence on my TV) was too much for me to bear and I turned it off last week for the rest of the season.

Therefore, I am getting my revenge by boring you to death in return with Supernatural and another wallpaper made by me:


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I don't watch Supernatural (or Dr. Who for that matter) but that wallpaper is made of awesome!

Thanks. I am very pleased with the way it came out.

Thank you. It's great when things gel like this.

(Deleted comment)
I don't mind Doctor Who but I don't love it. I would like it more if they stopped casting peopleI hate.

That picture was crying out to me made into something pretty.

saw the finale last night, shudders
beautifully sad image, wallpaper

re cards, I rate tank you, miss(Mrs) surname spelt wrong, handmade and handmade name spelt right and 'thank you', as the best

Was that from a Sixth Former? :)

At least the sentiment's right, but you have to wonder if anything you taught them stuck.

Thanks. Now I've got over my disappointment at the obviousness of what was going to happen in the finale, I really like it.

beautiful wallpaper. i could never get bored with Supernatural.
(but i am squeeing over DW, too)

Edited at 2008-06-30 08:01 pm (UTC)

::not listening::

Thanks. I could eat up all SPN's angst!

Poor Bogwitch. And then I hit you with Dr Who fanfic!

I'll have you know I considered including Donna, but in deference to you (and because I didn't really need her)
I left her out.

Just for you.

Donna is okay on paper, it's just when I have to see her Ihave a problem. I will say though that she has been more bearable than I thought she'd be. It's really Rose I can't stand. I hated her before and I think she's worse now. Billie speaks like she's just come back from the dentist.

It's just been annoying me lately when every next post is about how wonderful Doctor Who is, when I found these last episodes just painful to watch.

>>It's just been annoying me lately when every next post is about how wonderful Doctor Who is, when I found these last episodes just painful to watch.

Ohhh. It's just like being around someone who's eatin' too much garlic. The trick is to eat garlic yourself. The whole thing's bloody marvelous!

But... But I have been eating the garlic! I just choked on it.

Eat some more. It's good for what ails ya!

That's beautiful! Like, really, really gorgeous. I stared at it for minutes straight. :)

Did they bring Rose back for an episode of DW?

It has that effect on me too!

I'm quite pleased with this one. But I'm afraid Sam misses out again. He was in this, in fact it was more about him, but I couldn't find a pic of Sam which really suited my purposes and the pic I eventually used just made him look dumb. Once I tried to put the angel in, it was obvious it was all getting too busy and Sam had to go. Poor Sam.

>>Did they bring Rose back for an episode of DW?

Yes, unfortuately. I hope the kill her off messily. I'll even volunteer to do it.

SPN means nothing to me, but that's darned pretty.

Thank you. I won't bother boring you with the explanation. ;)

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