Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

I'm back again! Not that a lot of people would've have noticed that I'd gone. But two days, it's a long, long time for me and LJ.

In short my PC's hard drive gave up and the laptop didn't want to know my cable modem. Luckily, all my important stuff is safe for the moment (unless my dad manges to wipe them) - my fic and and all my pics (all 20 GB) were on another drive. Phew.

Not happy about losing a lot of the fic and meta I've collected recently though.

As it stands, I've got the laptop working and the PC is being fixed, normal service resumes!

PS. Not impressed with Firefox 3, all it's done is crash and reduce me to IE. I'm sure than wasn't their intention.

Tags: my boring life

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