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(no subject)

I'm back again! Not that a lot of people would've have noticed that I'd gone. But two days, it's a long, long time for me and LJ.

In short my PC's hard drive gave up and the laptop didn't want to know my cable modem. Luckily, all my important stuff is safe for the moment (unless my dad manges to wipe them) - my fic and and all my pics (all 20 GB) were on another drive. Phew.

Not happy about losing a lot of the fic and meta I've collected recently though.

As it stands, I've got the laptop working and the PC is being fixed, normal service resumes!

PS. Not impressed with Firefox 3, all it's done is crash and reduce me to IE. I'm sure than wasn't their intention.


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Oh Gawd, two days away from LJ and a computer! *bites fingernails*

It was terrible! (although there was a computer at work with LJ blocked).

Edited at 2008-06-17 10:21 pm (UTC)


Hi there!! Believe it or not, I noticed your absence. :)

I just downloaded Firefox 3...jury's still out, it hasn't crashed but we'll see.

Yay for all your machines working now!


Blimey. I was only gone two days.

I had to go back to the old Firefox, but I heard few people have had problems.

>>Yay for all your machines working now!

Not quite there yet!

I've never had much luck with Firefox, though I usually have it available for the occasional show that requires it.

Just glad you're back.

It was very slow the first time I used it, but then IE went funny on me and I gave up and defected. I've never looked back. IE now makes me want to tear my hair out, it's awful (and intrusive).

Bah, Computers are mean little bastards sometimes.

Thank you for the heads up on Firefox 3.0, I wanted to give it a try tonight and I'll be wary now.

Yeah, you get used them, get them the way you want and they die.

That's interesting - Firefox 2 was driving me crazy, I even had to use IE7 to download Firefox 3 (oh, the irony! LOL!). But so far it's working much better for me . *pets it*

Sorry to hear about the computer woes.

I think all my add ons wer the big problem.

IT failure = eek! Welcome back.

*wonders which version of firefox I'm using* I have to use Fireforx because IE refuses to work properly for me. Technology is never as foolproof as we would like it to be!

Thanks. IE went all bandy for me too. Good thing, I hate it now. How did I ever cope with it's crapness?


I haven't been particularly present myself, but it's always good that you're here.

I'm always here. Except when I'm not.

And that's a very reassuring fact.

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