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(no subject)

It's time to summon up one of my organisational miracles. The contents of two stuffed wardrobes must fit into one. Squeeeeze!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye faithful worn out clothes of yesteryear!


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I seriously need to get down to business and do this.

Good for you!

I've not been given a choice. It's either get all in there or have no bed.

Remember to leave space for new things! (Just because...)

I tried to do a wardrobe clear-out not so long ago. The problem was there was a significant proportion of clothes that didn't get worn, but that I might want, at sometime or other.

I really shouldn't hoard so much. This is why I end up with draws full of ribbon.

I have drawers full of odd stuff, including ribbon. There might be a time I need them!

My problem is that I have clothes that I buy and don't like, then at some point in the future I'll suddenly take them out and love them. Anything in that wardrobe I might want someday!

And they're so pretty...

Is there somewhere else that the excess could live on a sort of temp-to-perm basis? Then you could come back in three months time and realise there's stuff a lot better than the stuff you kept and swap things?

I have a 1 bed flat. It's the wardrobe, the inaccessible attic or the stuffed full cupboard of potential fire-hazard.

Ribbons are pretty, but they come under the category of potential card-making or miniature tack-making supplies.

No handy corners for boxes, then?

See, this is the problem. I have next to no crafts impetus/skill, and yet I keep them. As clutter.

They already have boxes in them!

I like to think I have some skill, but I do lack impetus, but my mum makes me do card-making.

Is the stuff in the boxes more important than clothes?

Every now and then I get really grand plans, but they have a habit of going wonky in one way or another...

Absolutely! I'm not really a clothes person. Which is suprising when you see how many I

There's always more interesting things to do than clear out a wardrobe.

I'm possibly overly attached to my clothes. Though only the ones I really, really like!

Very true.

Heh. They'll squeeze in. You'll just never be able to get them back out again...

Which is why they usually end up on my chair...

Ha! I am so bad about saying goodbye to my old clothes that I just back them into boxes and store them up in my attic. I don't know WHAT I think I'm going to do with them someday. It's sad, really.

Its always the ones you like you have to get rid of because they're worn out or the washing machine has taken a bite out of them. They're the ones I have trouble parting with. Or nice clothes that have never fitted. I have a few of them. Bloody Ebay.

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