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FIC: Hell to Pay (Supernatural)

Not content with narrowing down any possible readership even further than just by writing a little Supernatural ficlet, I go and write it about Bela as well. This by no means says that I'm not writing the Buffyverse.

Hell to Pay (Supernatural)

No characters were harmed in the making of this fic (that comes after). Bela does not belong to me, but is the property of hell hellish corporate entities who would just love to track me down and rip me to shreds too.

Summary: Bela. Post-Time is on my Side Spoilers for same.

Throwing caution to the four winds and posting this unbetaed because I know myfeetshowit would tell me off for some of the obliqueness.

“I’ll see you in hell.”

Empty words that offer no comfort and they’ll be the last Bela will ever hear. A severe goodbye from another doomed soul on the same twisted path to the pit. They’re all too horribly true.

Time’s up, Bela. The world seems to whisper on a haunting reverb. Your debt is due.

No hourglass sands to count down the minutes to the end of her life, nothing but the flip of a number on a scruffy bedside clock. 12:00: magic midnight, but Hell won’t be sending a carriage.

There’s no escape. Not from this. There are no more deals left to make, no more desperate cards left to play. Death has punched her ticket and is waiting. She’s got a third class ticket downstairs and it’s going to be one hell of a trip. Ten years of lying, stealing and conniving for naught but pain and swift death in cheap hotel room. Ten years of running from cruel, wandering hands. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Fortunes blown on nothing but dead ends bought, sold and traded. All the charms, all the herb lore, all the empty words the spirits have whispered, each as useless as the next. Every lead ending in the same conclusion: she can’t be saved, her soul is no longer her own. She’s one of the damned. The long con is over and it turns out she was the mark all along.

Bela wipes her face clean of self-pitying tears for final time. The night is hot and airless, despite the April chill. A storm is about to break, super-heated by her own despair and dread, holding itself close as howls and low snarls curdle the night beneath a solemn, silent moon. Hell is coming to collect. The hounds call for her blood, ready to rip away her mortgaged soul. She already knows them too well; they have filled her blood soaked dreams for years with lunging teeth dripping with foam and slobber. Their flashing claws, ferocious and possessive, tear her skin, shredding sinew and scraping the flesh from her shattered bones night after dreaded night. They want her to know they are waiting. Always.

She swallows and lifts her chin. One year, ten years; the fate is the same. There are no more seconds left to be grabbed back and hoarded with salt lines and Devil’s Shoestring. The one thing she knows about time is that there is never enough of it.

Too many could have beens have been wasted to save a life already plundered by a monstrous man who knew better but couldn’t care less. Her freedom had a high price and a body count, but she won’t die a coward. Not now. She made her own fate ten years ago in a neat English park. Just let them try to break her.

At least she’ll have company.

See you down there Dean Winchester.

Time’s up. She doesn’t see 12:01.


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Oh my god. OH MY GOD. I love this! It just feels so much like her. Oh, how I would love for you to write more of her, someday.

The long con is over and it turns out she was the mark all along.

I love that.

This is a fantastic send-off for Bela. I got goosebumps. Truly.


Thanks (and for the rec!). I do have a small kernel of an idea for Bela based on some things that bothered me about Red Sky at Morning, but no plot as yet so who knows?

I was channelling all my Dean goosebumps. ::wibble::

Oh, I hope it worms its way into your head!

heartbreaking and so Bela. Wonderful endign for her.

Thank you. I didn't want her to go out in a pathetic way. She's done all her bargaining.

>>>...because I know myfeetshowit would tell me off for some of the obliqueness.

You misjudge me! And yourself.

This piece didn't really need to be beta'd. It's very clean, as well as being insightful, and well-written. No obliqueness because you are spinning off of a specific scene. I'm only harder on you when you're writing your own story because the readers don't have the visuals to go along with it.

"Not too hard on you, am I?" she asks meekly.

You are hard on me, but I need it! I like being pushed.

I thought that there were some sentences in here that I thought you might make me clean up, but I was channelling my Black Widow muse, so I wanted to keep them concise. But that wasn't the main reason really, I wanted this out asap because I wanted it finished for the finale otherwise it wouldn't feel as timely.

>>... You are hard on me, but I need it! I like being pushed.

Good. I always feel guilty when I tell someone their work is less than perfect. Doesn't keep me from doing it of course.

>>... I wanted it finished for the finale otherwise it wouldn't feel as timely.

Yes. The fresher the scene is the more impact her musings will have. I actually caught this episode. I was wondering if I could watch the finale without catching up on all the episodes, and judging by this one, I can. I don't think I was missing any critical knowledge.

>>Doesn't keep me from doing it of course.


I often despair at how I'm going to fix things, but I usually agree with you.

>>I was wondering if I could watch the finale without catching up on all the episodes

Yeah, probably. The status with Dean's deal has been static, so all that's really changed is character stuff.

Hi, bogwitch. KZams linked to this on her LJ and I *had* to tell you that this is an excellent ficlet. I got chills--actual chills down my spine--while reading this. Perfect characterization and voice, flawless execution.

Whoo hoo! Actual chills! That makes me
happy, thanks!

You're most welcome.

I hope you're well. It's wonderful to see you writing, bogwitch. Do you have more SPN fic? Because if so, I'd love to read it.

I'm okay, I hope you are.

This is my first attempt at SPN fic, although I made a few wallpapers. I have another ficlet in the works, but I still have a lot of BtVS stuff to cover, so I don't want to get into anything big just yet and over-stretch myself. Life doesn't give me as much writing time as it used to.

Glad to hear it. I'm well, thanks. :)

I hope that you both continue writing in this fandom (even if it's just ficlets and drabbles for now), and that your BtVS stuff flows for you again. I hear you re: finding writing time. I often have trouble finding the time *and* the drive to write BtVS-centric fiction. But my BtVS fiction writing has been blocked for ages; I hope you've not had the same difficulty.

Well, all my new ideas are SPN, but I still have a ton of Buffy ones to get through.

I always been a bit lacking in drive. :)

Ah Bela, I did find it hard to feel for her, she was such a cold bitch, but you did it. Those hounds are something to fear, and hell awaits!

I wasn't keen on her either. I think if they'd given us a hint into her motives in Red Sky at Morning it might have been different. Oh well.

You reminded me, I woke up to a barking dog and scratching at the bedroom door the day after I watched this! It was only one of my parent's cats, but still!

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