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Anyone else celebrating?

According to the Dunstable Herald and Post it's International Compost Awareness Week. Hurrah!

So just doing my bit.


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No? How could that be?????

Probably my dad. The first time I brought Josh over to meet him he went on about composting for a good half an hour that included a TOUR of his compost. Good times! He also has the local coffee shop save their grinds for him to use in it. WHAT A FREAK.

He needs to get over to Dunstable right now!

Is there a raising-eyebrow smilie?

Shame. Imagine there's one here ->

Oh my gosh! I've almost missed the whole thing. What a waste.

iss me. LJ keeps kickin me out. Don't understan whyyy!

Wonderful! Glad to see you're getting into the spirit. It's going to be a great week!

There are times when one simply feels that one ought to make an effort...

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