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I am calm

Today would be a really bad day to start my Jedi training as I’ve been a quivering ball of rage for the last 24 hours, which isn’t like me. I’ve had to tell myself to be calm all day and I’m not even pre-menstrual!

My bio-rhythms must be hitting a particularly low trough at the minute, lots of tiny irritations too numerous to describe in full have been piling up to really, really annoy me the last couple of days like irritation Tetris. I think I’ve just lost the level.

So in order to regain my former laid-backiness I have spent the day compiling a therapeutic list of what’s pissing me off. In some cases names have been concealed to protect me from the guilty:

1. Ancient heavy duty staplers
2. Abbey Loans liars
3. Cahoot customer service and security
4. Credit cards that won’t hand over the cash
5. Coffee machines
6. Bananas
7. Headaches
8. Coffee that won’t stay in the cup
9. Microsoft Word
10. Printers with their own insane ideas about how it thinks you want things printed
11. Computer network and helpdesks that think you have the entire contents of a network drive memorised
12. CD Trays
13. Computers in general
14. MP4 players
15. Bittorrent
16. VirginMedia (as always)
17. TV schedulers that put all the good stuff on at the same time on the same evening
18. Petrol stations
19. Mango chutney
20. Another people’s house plants
21. Headphone cables that aren’t long enough
22. Work computers without the correct codecs to let me watch SPN (Grrr!!!!)
23. Stupid bag designs
24. Telephones
25. Realplayer update interruptions
26. People who can’t remember your name, but have a (wrong) guess anyway
27. Cars with stupid bucket seats
28. Sports suspension + pot-holed roads
29. Broken cars
30. Queue jumpers
31. Awkward people who get huffy when you ask them to do their job even when you’ve done half of it for them
32. Mothers and money
33. Cats who won’t take their pills
34. Cat food on fingers
35. Traffic (especially slow drivers that hold everyone up and don’t move over)
36. Bright early mornings that wake you up at 5.30
37. Time in general (not enough)
38. Tangly curtains
39. Forgetfulness
40. Pushy passive-aggressive f***ers from the HM Customs Construction Industry Scheme. I will name you: Tom
41. Spiral notebooks

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*hugs*, just vent. realplayer totally blackmailed me to up-date, then took over my computer! I so know how you feel. I couldn't download a vid unless I updated. I know the black mood that put me in.

another irritation, cat missing box. I know she is getting old, but the clean up is a bitch

I've been venting all day! I actually am a bit calmer now. At lunchtime was shaking with it. Very unlike me, which makes me think it's hormonal.

Ah, aren't cats lovely? My parents' one has a habit of throwing up on the carpet.

cat trying to type
trying to get 7/8 year olds to use a network based file to save their work without losing the bloody thing, actually this worke dyesterday, but they are older now

have a calm weekend

Your cat is a very good typist.

Most definitely a vent worthy list! Sending calming vibes along.

Thanks, I fell better already.

Oh, what a good list.

9. Microsoft Word
Does yours randomly crash for no good reason as often as mine?

Want some more to add to the list? Like...telephone dialling, in all flavours. The ones that phone and try to aggressively sell you stuff you don't want. The ones that phone, but when you pick up there's no one there. The ones that phone and when you pick up immediately put your call in a queue! And so on. The list is endless with call companies.

34. Cat food on fingers
Ick. Yes.

This was just the list from today!

Word crashes, adds strange formatting, doesn't display correct formatting, plays hide the table of contents, chokes on documents over about ten pages, doesn't allow you move columns on tables at random intervals, etc, etc.

Unless it's my mum who stubbonly refuses to call my mobile, I just hang up all my calls now.

Cat food general is horrible. How do they eat it?

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, that's the problem: I'm stuck with it. The other problem is that I know more about Word than anyone I work with, that means when I get stuck, no one can help me!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
ike irritation Tetris

That is absolutely the best description of that phenomenon that I have ever seen. I will be using it in the future.

*pets you*

I was going to save it for a fic, but it suited my day.

I often get accused of hating too many things - but I'm with you! There are an awful lot of hate-worthy things out there.

7. Headaches

Definitely sharing your pain. Though mine are my own fault really - I was on about xxx cans of Coke and a cup of tea a day and now I haven't been for a week and it looks as though I may have picked up a small caffeine addiction somewhere along the line...

PS. Now you've made me really want to play Tetris.

>>40. Pushy passive-aggressive f***ers from the HM Customs Construction Industry Scheme.

40b. Pushy passive-aggressive f***ers from IT that give you a loaner laptop that doesn't have the software or hardware needed, and then require more requests to get what you were supposed to get the first time.

Y-Ning: the ancient art of calming frustration by listing each and every woe in the world.

Yeah, I thought it might work (and make a blog post too!)

40b at least they know what a computer is, I'm not sure about ours sometimes.

I can understand your spleen on all the above. ESPECIALLY NUMBER 25!!I swear one day I will probably break my computer by throwing something at the little bastards.

If it wasn't for the BBC, I wouldn't even use the bloody thing. It's always been a pain.

Realplayer is a pain. But Word is a spawn of Satan.

I always thought Bill Gates was the Anti-Christ.

I must know how mango chutney got your goat.

It has a nasty habit of falling out of sandwiches,

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