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Wallpaper: Fractured Soul (Supernatural: Dean)

Bogwitch posts, they're like buses. Wait forever for her to stop wasting time on the Playstation get creative with it and then get blasted with a load of stuff no one is interested in!

More SPN, I'm afraid.

I couldn't decide which version I liked better:


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(Deleted comment)
Hmm, I like both, but sniff at the sentiment, and eep and I don't know why there was no ep yesterday, grumbles

I think the second one is even angstier, more broken...

I do like to wollow in the angst. :D

There was no ep yesterday as we've caught up with the US due to the writer's strike. I have no idea if that means we'll get Thursday's episode next Sunday though.

I like the second one too! There's something more remote about it, as if he's pulling away...

There's a Thursday ep? cwl

Yes, second one, has more distance, in a worrisome way...I think it lacks the slight hope in the first with the patch of light on his cheek obscured.

The US has an ep on Thursday, yeah. That means an early bloody morning for me if I'm going to download and watch it before work!

There you can pick one based on what you think is going to happen!

I dread to think what's going to happen and your skills are no help at all:)

Lol. I have my theories.

yeah, frm the wallpaper, that's a new level of ack! right there and memorable too

Lucky I'm not writing it then. I doubt it would get grim as this, but I'm expecting a lot of grimness - for both of them.

grimness souns inevitable, hopefully some Bobby

Hopefully in moderation. I've become a little bored with all the running to Bobby.

I'd like Bobby to run to them...but just Sam and Dean is highly acceptable

Yeah, but not in some Heathcliff/Cathy way! Eeek.

I liked the two people against the dark thing they had.

washes eyeballs from image!

glad it's been renewed at any rate

That's the important thing.

I wonder if which of these you prefer holds some deep meaning in regards to the state of your being. Like a personality test, but with Dean. I still like the lighter one. Tell me what that means, Freud!

Both are very pretty. I'm enjoying your bogspam! More please.



Hope Dean or Misery Dean. You decide!

Not sure I can keep up the pace.


See! I have tried!


Oh, there's LOTS! I tried to expand them but it would not allow for me to do so. :( From what I can see, the first one is my fave. But that may be because I cannot see all the little details.


Hee. There's a couple of Dean and Alec mis-fires too.

He one you like was last night's attempt. The colouring looked lovely, but then there was nothing else. I was fiddling with it just now and I think I may have something. It's changed a bit though:


I love that! I think it's BEAUTIFUL. I like the books in the background. Sam approves!

They are a bit vague, but they aren't books, they're place signs (least I hope they are!). I'll have to tweak that and think up some nonsense for text.

Ahahaha! Okay. You know how when your mind thinks something your eyes play tricks on you? My mind read that one of the "books" was a psychology text. I am also tired out, so. Anyway, I do like that wallpaper a lot. This could be THE ONE!

I think it already is the ONE! It just needs finished touches.

I don't think mistaking them for books is a stretch.

Yay! I'm so pleased to hear that you think this is the one too! I was worried you would find something wrong with it and Sam would elude you forever. I think this one is perfectly gorgeous! Yay for your Sam breakthrough!

May there be many more!

I don't know SPN at all, but I love the colours and textures.

Thanks. Not sure what else to say to that!

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