Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Drabble: Cracks (Life on Mars)

I was raking through my notebook today and found half a Life on Mars drabble I started last year, so I um finished it:

(Life on Mars, PG, no pairing, just Sam)

Sometimes the future feels so close; a breath, a blink, a heartbeat away. Sam wishes he knew how to burst the bubble of his psychosis and grab it back.

He hears things whispering constantly at the edge of his perception, echoes of his real life slipping in between the crackles of radio static and David Cassidy hits. There’s nurse’s chatter and the dour concern of the doctors, there’s his mother’s sad voice willing him to live and the ticking time bomb of the heart monitor, counting down.

Perhaps if he could just reach out through those cracks, he’d wake up.

Tags: drabble, life on mars

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