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Drabble: Cracks (Life on Mars)

I was raking through my notebook today and found half a Life on Mars drabble I started last year, so I um finished it:

(Life on Mars, PG, no pairing, just Sam)

Sometimes the future feels so close; a breath, a blink, a heartbeat away. Sam wishes he knew how to burst the bubble of his psychosis and grab it back.

He hears things whispering constantly at the edge of his perception, echoes of his real life slipping in between the crackles of radio static and David Cassidy hits. There’s nurse’s chatter and the dour concern of the doctors, there’s his mother’s sad voice willing him to live and the ticking time bomb of the heart monitor, counting down.

Perhaps if he could just reach out through those cracks, he’d wake up.


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Ohhhhh. I miss Life on Mars. Awesome.

That was good. Evocative - instantly catapults me back into the mindset of poor Sam and his disorientation and longing for home and for the world to make sense again. Back before the writers decided that he'd kill himself rather than actually live in the real world once more...

Thanks! I doubt I'll ever venture into this universe again, but it's good to expand horizons now and again.

Ashes to Ashes just wasn't the same. Alas.

I didn't mind the bleak ending. He was having mush more fun in his head anyway.

Ashes to Ashes really wasn't the same, no. Alas indeed. I was wary of it from the start, but really wanted to like it.

I've never quite been able to forgive LoM for the ending. It just felt like the writers weren't brave enough to let go of the imaginary characters they'd created for Sam, but holding onto them meant severing the link with the real world. But having watched Sam clinging so hard to his real life for two years, having caught such tantalising glimpses of the people back there who loved him so much and were sitting so anxiously at his bedside, it felt like the ultimate kick in the guts to have him just completely turn his back on real life in favour of fantasy. Not to mention sending the worst kind of message: real life is boring and depressing, so go jump off a building because you can live a whole fantasy lifetime in those last couple of seconds.

*is still bitter*

But I loved the show so, so much, right up till those last couple of minutes! If only they had been brave enough to let Sam return to his old life having learned and grown from his comatose experience. But I suppose that would have required spending time watching him re-adjust, when the show was about the fantasy and the characters therein. Mostly, I think the writers wrote themselves into a corner, and the writing had been so clever throughout, they were stuck.

Maybe these issues I have with the ending of LoM contributed to my inability to connect with A2A...

Maybe because I watched LOM all in one go and was also mildly spoilt for the ending, I wasn't quite so invested. Either that or Blake's Seven ruined me for life!

Still, Sam was emotionally invested in those people from the [imagined?] past and while there people in this century who loved him, he wasn't really connecting with them. He'd lost Maya (and that relationship was pretty much over before the series got started) and there was so much more promise in the past. I never got the impression that learning from his experience was the point of the story.

Ashes to Ashes is watchable but isn't in the same class. I think it fails because of Alex's prior knowledge of Sam's experience. She doesn't have his vulnerability and confusion in quite the same measure because she knows what's going on and that doesn't endear to the audience in the same way. What I want to see from Ashes now is something that explains both hers and Sam's mysteries. Why are they having this experience? Who is Gene Hunt really? What does he know? Was it really all about him?

One way or another it's been making me listen to a lot of 80's music recently.

I do love that icon. Better than my one solitary LOM icon that I made in a hurry one day...

LOL Blake's Seven really did have the most definite ending of any show ever! I mean, there's just no comeback to that one.

I watched LoM as it aired, week by week, season by season, and it was a huge emotional investment, full of mystery and intrigue, and for two seasons Sam fought so hard for his life. I just...am not going to come to terms with the notion of suicide being presented as a valid life choice. Especially with it being presented as a happy ending, because it wasn't. It was Sam giving up on his life and choosing a pretty fantasy.

*stops ranting again* Man, I clearly have unresolved issues with this show!

I'd like to be intrigued by A2A, but the episodes just didn't hold my attention enough, unfortunately.

I do try to practice the icon making thing from time to time, depending on mood. Some work out better than others! I adore this episode.

Ah, but only Blake had wounds! The others could've been stunned.

>>I just...am not going to come to terms with the notion of suicide being presented as a valid life choice.

Nor should anyone really, but I liked that it dared to have a dark ending. I never have the courage to do that.

>>I'd like to be intrigued by A2A

I suppose the mystery is what happened to Alex's parents, except we don't really care. And I spotted who did it a mile off.

Hey, this is really good! :)

Thanks! I thought it was worth finishing.

The thing said, 'leave and offering at the altar.' Will this succulent pigeon do? ;)
I remember you commented once on one of my fics! :) I'm glad to see that you finally did write a LOM piece, I really liked it :) We sometimes forget, now that we've seen the whole series, how hard it was for him, and you've captured his alienation and despair perfectly :) Thanks you :D

Offering of feedback are always welcome on this altar. :)

Thank you. I don't know if I'll ever write anything else LOM, but you just never know!

Sorry I took my time to get back to you.

That's mighty gorgeous. Bubbles and cracks... nice imagery.

Thank you, I like prose to sound pretty.

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