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Wallpaper: Cordelia

For some reason from nowhere a Cordelia wallpaper popped out of my brain:

And... And! There might even be a Spike (remember him?) one later.


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There might even be a Spike (remember him?) one later.

I'm greatly surprised you remembered the poor sod's name! *looks stern*

Very pretty Cordelia! That sort of dusky purple really suits her, somehow - and nice alignment to the right to leave room for desktop crap. Supposed wallpapers often for get to take that into account...

I had to look it up. No worries, I also have an SPN one ready to post! (this dual fandom thing feels rather uncomfortable).

I do love that picture of Cordelia. I nearly made it in cross-stitch once, but I never got to it.

I always remember to leave icon room! (though it might not always look like it because a) the pic wasn't originally meant to be a wallpaper, or b) something has to go due to re-sizing issues).

As it should, you fandom hussy! ;)

I never got the hang of cross-stitch - or any sort of sewing really. I kept trying to make things and they always went wrong.

I know you do - I'm mostly thinking of silly people at the BBC etc. 'Ah yes, look at our available wallpaper downloads!' 'But that's just a really busy screencap/publicity shot you thought looked cool... It's not fit for purpose at all!' 'Shut up, insignificant woman, we provide these for free, you know.' 'I know, just... have standards.' That's how the conversation actually goes.

I've always been fandom promiscuous, just usually one at a time.

I never said I was any good at cross-stitch! I only did it for a bit and I was horribly over-ambitious too. Ultimately I gave it up because it was hurting my eyes and the ex thought it wasn't sexy (!).

I can't imagine why anyone would download an official wallpaper anyway, most of the ones made by fans are vastly superior.

Ultimately I gave it up because it was hurting my eyes and the ex thought it wasn't sexy (!).

Cross-stitch could so be sexy... or elegant at least. Sort of like pinned-up hair, glasses-wearing librarian sexy. Maybe.

Well, they could be useful manipping material, maybe??

None of these are looks I can pull off.

That's possibly pickle-putting, then.

Putting you in a pickle. It made sense to me...

Nice - good shot too (less cleavage than the show LOL!!!)

Thanks. I doubt I'd have noticed the cleavage!

Pretty manip of a pretty Cordy!
*innocently* who's that Spike guy you mention? :)

>>ho's that Spike guy you mention?

Dunno, I think he was a singer or something way back.

Oh prettyful! I love the minimal, artistic feel to it hun :D

Minimal and Bogwitch aren't normally associated. :)

Fabulous Cordy background. I miss her.

Cordelia's tricky. I don't fall one way or another with her, but I did prefer her on BtVS. However, if we'd seen more of this side of her, I'd have liked her a lot better.

Aw, Cordy! Groovy :) Love the shadow splattery effect thingy.

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