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I think my car is dead. :(


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Oh what a sad end to a faithful friend!

I think it blew a gasket because I haven't washed it for awhile.

(Deleted comment)
Quite likely. It's blown a gasket and there's water getting into the engine. Fixing it will probably be more than the car is worth.

It was getting on a bit.

Oh noes! I could write a novel about our car problems - I hope yours will be more easily fixable!

I've had a fair few myself - just not lately. This one has been pretty good. It's the old value vs cost of repair equation though.

miserable, mine keeps developing funny noises...crosses fingers firmly

My mum keeping buying ones that do that (she will keep buying MG's).

Sorry to hear that. Ours went to the great tin can maker in the sky a while ago and I still miss her :(

I had an Orion I felt that way about.

Is it roaring and blowing white smoke?

More like bubbling and hissing with steam.


If it can't be resurrected, I hope it has a nice send off to Car Heaven.

PS. I've yet to work out properly if I can go, but if I came to WriterCon would you talk to me?? I'm a bit worried I'd end up in a corner.

My jury's still out on fixing it. I'll have too see how much it'll cost.

Of course I'd talk to you! I think you'd be hard pressed to end up in the corner, to be honest.

So sad to lose an old friend.

My pickup is 10 (same age as my dog, since we bought it so we could carry them around). It has held up well, but once the boy is gone, we'll probably get a smart car or something of the like.

Especially one that has been so good to me. It's 11 years old, but it's mileage is pretty low, it's sad to see it spewing rusty coloured oily water from parts oil has no right to be.

A smart car would be very sensible, but a bit too small for my tastes. The sporty one is nice though.

RIP car.

Cars just loose so much money so quickly - is it repairable?

Possibly, but the car isn't worth much. I have to make a decision whether to cut my losses or not.

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