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Wallpaper: Supernatural (Dean again)

I threatened another Supernatural wallpaper last week and now its been tweaked to my satisfaction, its ready for the world:

As an added bonus to the one or two people who'll care. I made a Dark Angel Alec wallpaper for a laugh:

Now if I can stop playing with the descriptions and actually flesh out the meat of the chapter, I might actually finish the next chapter of the WIP...


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Ooh, nice Alec wallpaper. Love your icon too. Is it snaggable?

Thank you. Yes, you can snag the icon if you like. When I have enough I will issue a set.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing the post.

I just love these SO MUCH. I think the coloring works really great with both characters. I guess that means it works well with Jensen too. ;)

That first one, Dean, it makes me tear up a little. This might mean that I'm over-emotional right now but I think it more just means that you did a fantastic job of conveying a lot of emotion there. It's just fabulous, really.

I enjoy your wallpapers lots lots lots! Yay for posting them. :)

Well, I wouldn't want to make Jensen look horrible!

The first one is my current desktop. I'm quite proud of it because of the way it was made - there's a lot of elements in there, it's not just a ready made background. I think Croatoan!Dean's melancholy does all the emotional lifting. :D

Beautiful wallpapers. I'm almost tempted to use it, but Ecuador has my heart (and my desktop) for the nonce.

>>I might actually finish the next chapter of the WIP...

Yes! Share.

I wouldn't deem to compare with Ecuador.

I've been meaning to show you, but it's sort of close enough that I really wanted to actually finish it first. Then days stretch to weeks...

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