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Not striking

I was going to spam LJ today, but I decided that was a little childish. Besides, I don't have much to spam about. I'm sure you don't really want to know about how by ovary is playing up or that it's a bit wet outside. Plus, I can't say I've noticed much difference in the amount of posting/commenting.

So, um, that's it. Maybe if I think of something later I'll post that. Otherwise, we could just have a nice chat.


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(Deleted comment)
I'm fine, just a bit bored. You?

(Deleted comment)
I'm trying to ignore the rubbish my dad has on the telly.

(Deleted comment)
Britain's Bravest! I don't think I really want to know about all these accidents and disasters.

Hola! I'm back, in body if not spirit. Ecuador is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I want to live there!

I noticed, I was waiting to see if you figured it out.

Good to hear you had a good time.

I had to change my log-in a while back, and I couldn't remember my password. Evidently, LJ won't keep me logged in anymore. *sigh*

Anything exciting happen while I was gone?

Not much, except this LJ strike thing.

I didn't get much writing done.

Not striking here, either! ::waves::

::waves back belatedly::

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