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Oh MP3 player thou art sick!

You sacrificed yourself, throwing yourself out of the car and dashing your screen against the concrete just for me didn't you? Just so I could get that snazzy new model I've been thinking about.

or was it because you couldn't stand to play Babes in Toyland at full volume anymore?

I will miss you.


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Oh, my gosh, I feel like it needs a medal or something!

Oh you will give the poor little MP3 player a good send off? I think it deserves it!

Well, although it's pretty bashed up and half the screen is a complete mess, it does still work, so it'll go into a deserved retirement where it'll perform back up services when I go places I don't want to lose the new one.

I am sorry for your loss. :-(

But pleased at your opportunity.

Yes, now I can watch stuff at lunch at my desk!

Poor little mp3 player, he's been so good and you can't seem to get 20GB players like him that don't play video anymore.

Alas, poor MP3 player. I knew him not at all--but have total respect for any well-made equipment, this days.

The MP3 player is dead; long live the MP3 player!

He's survive many falls and being in my bag for two years, all credit to him.

He's definitely ailing now though, he's forgetting how much power he's got and keeps playing the wrong songs!

The new MP3 player is a bit of a disappointment. Not that it isn't a lovely machine, but it'd more of a video player and that's not really what I need. I couldn't get straight MP3 player with enough capacity though. :(

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