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Coincidences are a part of life, but I going to start logging these, I swear. In the last few months all sorts of these coincidences keep happening to me - far more often than normal. I can't remember any just off the top my head, but I have people who will vouch for them.

So tonight I nearly missed Ashes to Ashes. Now, I don't watch a lot of TV and following a series other than by watching them online requires me to keep tabs on the time (which I'm very bad at), nothing unusual there. So today I was larking around in Paint Shop Pro and I lost track of what time it was, then what should come up randomly on my Media Player at exactly 9.00? The Human League - Love Action. Ooh, I thought, the 80's are reminding me to watch, cool! That was weird enough.

And then what song was in Ashes to Ashes tonight?


What does this all mean?

ETA: Ooh! ooh! We had a conversation at work yesterday about Shakin' Stevens too! Can't say I've had many of those in my life.

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