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Coincidences are a part of life, but I going to start logging these, I swear. In the last few months all sorts of these coincidences keep happening to me - far more often than normal. I can't remember any just off the top my head, but I have people who will vouch for them.

So tonight I nearly missed Ashes to Ashes. Now, I don't watch a lot of TV and following a series other than by watching them online requires me to keep tabs on the time (which I'm very bad at), nothing unusual there. So today I was larking around in Paint Shop Pro and I lost track of what time it was, then what should come up randomly on my Media Player at exactly 9.00? The Human League - Love Action. Ooh, I thought, the 80's are reminding me to watch, cool! That was weird enough.

And then what song was in Ashes to Ashes tonight?


What does this all mean?

ETA: Ooh! ooh! We had a conversation at work yesterday about Shakin' Stevens too! Can't say I've had many of those in my life.


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dunno, but I really enjoy Ashes to Ashes, although getting some of the refs makes me feel very old!

btw, Primeval grew on me

I'm enjoying it very much too, but I'm not loving it like LOM.

I've got a bit behind with Primeval, I haven't watched the last three yet. It's dumb, but fun.

Heee - I record everything and catch up when I can, so I couldn't even tell you which day A2A is on! LOL!!!!

It's a rarity for me too. I probably know more about the US schedules!

Hmm, coincidences are pretty thin on the ground in my life.

They usually are for me, but in the last six months or so they keep coming.

Shame I can't have a premonition about the lottery numbers.

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