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Let's see if this works

One of the reasons I don't post as often as I should is that while I'll write it all out, I just can't be bothered to type it all into Word. I type all day, I want a rest!

After all the fuss I made about Ashes to Ashes, I thought I really should have posted my thoughts by now and maybe add something about Supernatural and Roswell (which I watched all three seasons of for the first time over 8 days last week), but all the typing was a bit daunting.

So I had a brainwave.

(the Roswell part didn't make the cut as I wasn't really saying very much and I doubt anyone is actually interested. Most of my thoughts on that I ended up saying in the comments to my last post anyway)

Bear in mind I normally would have edited these before I posted them...

And yes. I can't spell.

In writing news, a chapter of the WIP is imminent. I was considering taking some multi-fandom fic prompts too, but I'm not sure I'm that daring.


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OMG. I fangirl your handwriting. It's beautiful.

We've already talked about Roswell and SPN, so. Good times!

Thanks. It takes up a lot of the paper though!

Roswell is still percolating through my brain. I realised why Maria resonates with me more than a most female characters do, I
Maria, I've had that relationship (minus the alien thing. Though actually my surname is Evans and I work with a Czechoslovakian, maybe there is something I don't know!) and I kind of lost myself in it too.

Mary Ellen Trainor's plastic surgery disaster face is still bothering me slightly.

Edited at 2008-02-13 08:34 am (UTC)

HAHAHA. I love that you have so many ties with Roswell.

Yeah, I generally get REALLY into all my relationships. To the point where they're my full focus. I'm working on that.

Oh, man. Plastic surgery gives me the willies. I just can't imagine willingly going under the knife. I've had several friends do it, and while I support them, I still think they're bat-shit insane.

I'm ashamed of the crap I put up with really, and the worst part is that I would have put up with worse. Just because he was the only man I've met who was on my wavelength.

Surgery is one thing I'm terrified of!

You know, I am constantly amazed at all the super strong women I hear saying similar things. It makes me feel way less alone and pathetic about the crap I've put up with in my own relationships. Anyway, I hope you meet someone someday who's on your wavelength and isn't a shit about commitment.

Agreed about the colors in Ashes to Ashes; they are definitely brighter, but clearly there's a reason; and I have a feeling that it will be bright-and-shiny enough to look different from your typical TV show.

Do you really think Sam's dream about Bela will turn out to be significant? I was just reading it as comic relief...

Yeah, the 1980's are all bright, shiny and neon. I was expecting to see that more clearly, perhaps with an over-saturated palette. Instead it had that distinct London greyness which everything has here.

For something that seems to come out of nowhere, I thought it had to have a point. I think it's mainly there to contrast with Dean's dream and to have a quick peek into Sam, and it's played for laughs, but something about it made me think it was about more than that. Then yesterday (long after I wrote out that post) I read someone suggest it was there as a subtle device to show Sam's burgeoning psychic powers reappearing (the point of the repeated lines). Sam
what was going to happen and that works much better as an avil towards what might be happening with Sam than the dreamweaving later in the episode.

Your writing is too pretty! *is jealous*

Thank you. It's really big though and uses up a lot of paper!

What nice handwriting. I have no comment on the contents, not having seen the relevant TV!

Thank you. People always seem to like it.

Hee. Your writing reminds me very much of mine... maybe I'll scan some of mine in and we can compare!

I never write my posts out first - far too lazy for that. I just sit there with fingers on keys and my brain empty...

Do you write too big and press really hard too?

If I have the burning desire to write a post while I'm at work, I'll write it out!

More WIP would be so fantastic!!!

The chapter is off to my beta, so it'll be soon!

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