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lateseasonlove Villains Challenge and other excitements

This is me almost worked up to fever pitch. I've read far too much of the the press pack for Ashes to Ashes and now I'm getting slightly excited. I don't want to do that, I might be disappointed. ::bites nails::

I had to stop reading as I was learning too much. See, I am getting better about spoilers, almost to the point of handing in my spolierwhore badge, but ooh the temptation! (I never did understand extreme spoilerphobics. Okay, it's rude to spoil people and I agree things are more fun when you are unspoilt, but occasionally mistakes are made and some people just don't care. So with this in mind hanging around LJ is always going to be risky. If you're terrified of getting the clap, you don't sleep around in the red light district, do you? So if you don't ever want to see the slightest spoiler, then don't go on the Internet, it's as simple as that).

My other concern lies with the fact I'll have to watch it with my mum who is convinced I'm madly in love with Gene Hunt and thus will try to make me as embarrassed as possible, even though it's completely untrue (sorry Gene, I love you, but it doesn't go that far).

Always none of this was the point of this post.

And as an added bonus, five from Seeing Red that I forgot to post in time:

C+C and all that

Resource makers are listed here</div>

A couple of personal messages:

kittyzams - I'm getting to it honest.
myfeetshowit - Ditto. I now see why I got stuck in the first place.


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God, I can't wait for ashes to ashes to start. I'm this close to reading Life on Mars fan fiction already.

I went through that phase in the summer. I'm planning a LOM rewatch though. Is it February yet?

Is that a sequel to Life on Mars? I had no idea there was even going to be one. I haven't had a chance to watch season 2 of LOM yet.

Pretty icons!

Yep! It is! But with a new woman instead of Sam Tyler. It's set in the 80's.

You'd better get cracking of Season 2!

Well, I have been perched on the edge of my seat waiting. But they are pretty icons so I'll forgive you.

You know, if you want to through some fanfic stuff into the round robin, you could do that. It might be a good way to work out possible storylines without worrying about logic, or continuity.

With round robins, anything is possible.

I have no excuse, I made them a couple of weeks ago. However, I have written a bit. I shall post it later.

Not sure what I want out of the RR anymore. We'll see where it goes and I'll try not to get so invested in the story!

Was reading all about Ashes to Ashes in the Radio Times this morning.

:Is excited:

The press pack was so spoilery I wanted to roll in it, but I resisted!

Nice icons. Took one of Buffy Thank you.

Wow, this feels like centuries ago! Glad you liked them.

Oh then THIS should feel like a few more centuries? i love the scene of Willow and Tara in bed together,and these are gorgeous icons. But what comes next breaks my heart so much I don't think I could ever use them. (it's like the kiss at the end of Entropy, which thrilled me the first time I saw it - and then I watched the entire season/series, and now it makes me cry every time I watch it.)

It's certainly not a episode that would have made me rush to icon it if it hadn't been a response to a challenge.

You did beautifully, though - but man I hate that those lovely moments of them kissing and cuddling in Entropy and SR got "soured" by tragedy. (And I'm watching this for the first time, ten years after the show ended and there are STILL almost no lesbian characters or relationships - believable ones - on TV or in the movies. It sucks that Willow and Tara didn't get a better legacy than that.)

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